Harvest Time

  The fields are ripe for harvest.Let’s be about our taskTo spread the Lord’s great mercyAnd love for all who’ll ask. Let’s tell the world of JesusAnd how He took our sin.How God’s granted forgivenessTo all because of Him. Let’s concentrate on lovingThe broken and the lostAnd demonstrate with actionsGod’s love at any cost. Let’sContinue reading “Harvest Time”

True North

  In routine life on Planet Earth, there’s one rather ordinary looking piece of equipment that is used by thousands of people every day. It’s called a compass. Hikers, hunters, military personnel, navigators on ships and planes, and even  12-year-old boy scouts and girl scouts out on field trips use a compass as a normalContinue reading “True North”

There Is A Cure

The truth of Jesus Christ’s complete redemption can be told in any form. In this post I’ve set God’s truth into Cinquain — one of my favorite poetic forms. Virus: To lots of folks It is a scary word. But there’s a name that can kill it: Jesus! Disease By any name. Must bow toContinue reading “There Is A Cure”

Lenten Poems — week 3

SUFFICIENT Seized and stripped and slapped and spit upon, Scornful salutations; sorrow; shame; Satan stalks the Son of God and Son of Man Scarlet stripes, scalding tears, searing pain; Search the scriptures, surely they the story tell: Insatiable evil strikes; the Lamb is slain. But surely, it’s my sins He bore, my sorrow and shame,Continue reading “Lenten Poems — week 3”

Newest Teaching Video: You Don’t Have To Be a Christian To Call On Jesus

I posted this newest teaching video a couple weeks ago, but it had a problem, and I had to take it offline for repair. That problem is now fixed, and hopefully, the video will be up to stay this time.        

Christmas Light

  Oh Christmas tree, oh geometric Christmas tree, Updated decoration of this century, Combining old tradition with technology — Eye-catching combination set for all to see. I wonder if the architect has realized That though his modern concept is a structural prize, The Light that gives it meaning appeared to Moses’ eyes. From burning bushContinue reading “Christmas Light”

Having Church at Home Today

Our roads were way too icy to get out and go to church this morning. My church is about 30 miles from my house, and if I could have gotten to the major highway that is part of my route, I’m sure it would have been clear. Unfortunately my own road and the other localContinue reading “Having Church at Home Today”