Blessed Invasion

Most of my life I have been enthralled with the theme of Elizabeth Barrett’s poems that speak to Robert of how his love saved her from death.   Being a poet myself, I decided one day that I would like to re-affirm that theme in a piece of my own creation. The sonnet is not my personal forte (although I have written one or two over the years) so I have not tried to emulate that particular medium.  But I decided to try to express in my more comfortable style of verse what I believe is the substance of what Elizabeth and Robert experienced together, as well as what I believe to be the root source of that substance.


Invaded by pure Love, Death must submit,
And bow its ugly head and bend its knee.
As the target of a perfect marksman must take the hit,
So Death, in spite of struggling, had to set me free.
Though pressing down to close my coffin lid,
Death was thrust back by power: your love for me.

King Jesus led the way in warring thus.
He came with love so pure it pierced the gloom.
And taking on Himself the curse sin brought to us,
He opened up the way to enter our own tomb,
And facing Death, He said, “Your time is up.
My love strikes death to Death. Now Life will bloom.”

Even so, He seems to’ve passed His love to you,
And coming now upon me, frail and spent,
You have not wasted time in wondering what to do,
But instantly to my own lifeless heart you bent,
And kissed my lips with love as with sweet dew,
Dissolving Death. Now Life arises — permanent!

© Sandra Conner 2009

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Hello world! Jesus loves you!!!

We all need to be loved, don’t we? And isn’t it a relief to know that there is One special person (called Jesus) who loves us whether we deserve it or not — whether we love Him or not?  That’s the love that keeps us going, gets us through, gives us hope when it looks as though there’s none to be had — and in short — saves us.

But out of that miraculous love from our Creator flows a current of many different kinds, levels, and degrees of love into the individual members of the human race:  love between a man and woman; love between parents and children; love for friends, comrades, and even pets.  So much has already been written about all that love.  Yet there remains so much more to be written today — and tomorrow — and tomorrow — and tomorrow. Because loving is living, and it goes on and on and on, in spite of every effort of a cursed world to defeat it.

This month of February seems to be celebrated the world over as the “Month of Love,” and it lends itself to an intense focus on that subject.  That being the case, I’m so glad that I began this blog on the first day of February.  I feel I have permission to write about Love all month long.  In the next couple of blogs I’ll share some real-life stories of great loves in history that merit our attention and even our gratitude for the examples they offer us of how to love each other well.  I hope they inspire you as much as they do me.