Prompt Nights 28: Travel

To participate in this challenge, visit “A Dash of Sunny.”   This week’s challenge has the theme of travel, and since Sanaa says we are welcome to offer previously published work, I’m going to re-post an article I originally wrote a couple years ago. It isn’t the least bit out of date, and I stillContinue reading “Prompt Nights 28: Travel”

Writing 201: Poetry – Day 2 — ‘Escape’

This is day 2 of the ‘Writing 201:Poetry’ course. Our prompt today is the word “journey.” Our form is the limerick. And our suggested poetic devise is alliteration. I used three limericks to tell the story of a journey, and I did manage to throw in a bit of alliteration for good measure. Hope youContinue reading “Writing 201: Poetry – Day 2 — ‘Escape’”