Friday Fictioneers — 10/4/13 — Three For One

Well it does feel good to get back in the saddle with Friday Fictioneers. I have been a little swamped with other work the past couple months and have missed out on the fun. But this week I am going to have even more fun than usual because not only have I written a story in response to the challenge, but I have also invited the students in my current creative writing class to participate along with me.

Unfortunately, most of those students have not had the time to submit something for this week’s prompt (I keep them too busy writing for the class), but two students have joined me. The first submission is a 100-word story from Jo Boester, who is a new blogger here on WordPress. (You will find her blog at this link:

The second submission is a 100-word poem from Erin Campbell. Now, Erin actually submitted this poem for another challenge we took part in, but when I looked at the picture for this week and saw the connection with the ocean, I took it upon myself to encourage her to let her poem apply to FF’s as well. She writes of tide and time from a unique perspective, and I think it’s a fitting response to the challenge.

I’m very proud of both of these writers and look forward to seeing them pursue their writing goals and publish more of their work in the near future.

Last of all, you will find my story. I was just in the mood for romance this week, and although seagulls seem to be the main focus of the photo, my mind and heart were captured by the beach itself and the romantic interlude it inspired. Hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

Here’s the photo prompt, which comes to us from E. A. Wicklund at


by Jo Boester

As I walked on the beach early one morning, I spied a seagull ahead of me, sluggishly wading in the water. The closer I came to him the more I could sense his loneliness. When I drew closer, I saw another seagull circling overhead.

The seagull in flight was slowly closing the gap between them, and as he swooped down, they both spread their wings wide in greeting. Some observers might have thought this was an act of aggression, but I believe it was a way of avoiding being alone for another long day. I wondered: “Do the birds, as well as man, desire companionship?”

© 2013 Jo Boester


by Erin Campbell

A rock is my island.
The rock is my throne,
where I sat and watched
as the world turned to dust.
A thousand years of progress
swirls around me like
a cloak around my shoulders.
It caresses my cheek and settles in
my eyes and hair like a crown
as the wind bellows at its loss.
Tides rise and wash the ages onto
sallow shores, leaving broken shell
memories behind in their wake.
I am the only one to keep them close.
The island grows as I grow.
Loved and feared by nothing.
A ruler of ashes, I command ghosts.

© 2013 Erin Campbell


by Sandra Conner

They sauntered along the isolated beach, shoes in hand, just as the sun slipped into the ocean.

Stopping at an outcropping of rocks, Jonah leaned against the rockface, pulling Valentina against him.  Her eyes sought his, instantly identifying the fire that turned them to wine. “I thought I’d never get you to myself,” he growled softly as her arms encircled his back.

He tightened his hold, burrowing his right hand in her hair, pulling her closer. Nibbling and teasing her lips, he finally possessed them with a hunger she’d come to crave. She felt the melting begin and eagerly surrendered.


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