It’s February – and Time for a Great Love Story

VALENTINE SPECIAL:  February 1 — February 14  E-Book: $1.99 Paperback: $7.99 What do the Biblical story of Ruth and the 21st-century novel, Jonah’s Song, have in common? Well you’ll have to read both stories to find out. Of course most people know the basic story of Ruth, so that leaves just one story left toContinue reading “It’s February – and Time for a Great Love Story”

Don’t Read This Book If …

DON’T READ THIS BOOK if you don’t want your heartbeat to pick up speed at the sight of someone walking through a door – or if you don’t want to find yourself holding your breath waiting for a kiss – or if you don’t want to find tears rolling down your cheeks when disappointment isContinue reading “Don’t Read This Book If …”

The King and Queen of Valentines

I’ve shared this true story previously on my blog. However, since it is, without a doubt, the quintessential love story, I believe it has a right to be repeated as we celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day. It takes a look at two of the world’s greatest lovers who have much to teach us about lovingContinue reading “The King and Queen of Valentines”