Macro-Monday — 3/11/13

This banner was one of about twelve that were fastened high on the light poles and lined several blocks of a street in my hometown to draw attention to the Catholic school’s centennial celebration. 

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Macro Monday — My Buddy, Big Blue

I’ve never taken part in “Macro Monday” previously.  In fact, I just found out about it a couple weeks ago.  But I just can’t resist participating with a couple close-ups of my beautiful Blue Spruce Tree.  I do love this tree and have raised it from the time it was about 5 feet tall.  It had been stuck in an old wooden barrel beneath a large tree and was struggling to lean over sideways to get sunshine. I rescued it and gave it a home in my front yard. With a good strong metal pole to support it for the next couple of years, it straightened itself out and reached for the sun in a perfectly vertical direction. It now proudly stands somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 feet tall and 45 feet around.

Every spring I am thrilled anew at the process of brand new life that bursts forth from every branch of this beautiful masterpiece of God’s creation.This past spring, I photographed every step of it’s new growth — from first bud stage to full plumage — and created a slide show with those photos.  I’ll share a couple of those shots here for Macro Monday.



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