Epiphany: You Don’t Have to Be a Christian to Call on Jesus

Epiphany is a celebration by the Body of Christ of the revelation of Jesus Christ to the gentiles — all nations of people who are not from His own Jewish heritage. On this day, we often celebrate the arrival of the wise men from the east, who came many miles, following a great sign inContinue reading “Epiphany: You Don’t Have to Be a Christian to Call on Jesus”

100-Word Challenge for Grownups — Week #162 – ‘The Secret Gift’

Julia’s 100-Word Challenge for Grownups has reached its 162nd week as we begin 2015. Her prompt this week for the story is the following phrase: “… as I put the decorations away, I …” Check out her site and get the simple rules for participating in the challenge. My story is below: THE SECRET GIFTContinue reading “100-Word Challenge for Grownups — Week #162 – ‘The Secret Gift’”

Here Comes Jesus!

  “Here comes Jesus!” “Jesus of Nazareth is coming!” “Do you see Him yet?” “Here He comes!” “Here comes Jesus!” Excitement was rampant, and cries of “Hosanna” filled the air. Shouts of joy and triumph could be heard for miles along the road, and people rushed to lay palm branches and their personal garments asContinue reading “Here Comes Jesus!”

Now My Heart Must Sing

I’ve been going through some troubling situations lately and found myself feeling pretty low as a result. But in a time of prayer this morning, the Lord graciously reminded me of a poem He had given me almost two years ago. That poem was the record of another time in my life – many, manyContinue reading “Now My Heart Must Sing”