100-Word Challenge for Grown Ups #85 — ‘Wendell’s Angel’

I’m running behind (no pun intended), but I was so swamped with other work last week that I didn’t get a chance to check out the 100-Word Challenge at Julia’s Place. But when I was there yesterday and saw the photo from last week, I just could not resist writing a story for it. So I’m offering it a week late, but none-the-less happily written.  Here’s the photo, and my story is below. 



Angel # 47,000,000 smiled at Wendell lumbering through the museum. # 47,000,000 had been Wendell’s guardian since birth. And what a ride it had been!

Wendell loved life! Though heavy and awkward, he liked doing everything, unaware his large frame could be dangerous when he wasn’t careful.

Even today, just visiting the museum: # 47,000,000 had already rescued a $60,000 sculpture, a $1,000,000 clock, and a case of rare jewels Wendell had bumped with his rump. The alarm had blared; the museum doors had locked down.

After things settled, Wendell wanted just one more picture, so # 47,000,000 started to relax.

Wendell bent for a close-up.


Ming Vase going down!



Once # 47,000,000 got Wendell home, he was asking God for a raise! 

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