New Addition to the WordPress Family

MARSHALL'S PICTUREI want to let all my readers know about a new blogger in our WordPress family. A young man named Marshall Girtman, a free-lance writer from my neck of the woods, has created a site called “Painfully Authentic.” His tagline reads, “Real experiences, Outspoken authenticity, Experiential insights.”

Marshall shares posts about his personal experiences and his strong beliefs on the site, and he has a great wealth of material to draw from. Not only has he earned two degrees and been active in different professional positions, but he also has behind him a lengthy military career, including time spent in active combat. Moreover, as the father of five children, he can’t help but have a good deal to say that’s related to family.

Marshall is a friend of mine and an excellent writer. I think many of my followers will find his site interesting and enjoyable. I hope you’ll pop over to visit him, using the link above, and welcome him to WordPress.






Another Blogger Joins the Family

Just want to put in a plug for a friend of mine – who is also currently one of my creative writing students. A few months ago, she took up the challenge to stretch her creative muscles and start a blog. So I’m posting the link to it here, in the hope that some of my readers will hop over and visit her, and comment on anything they like. She has a little prose, a little poetry, a little humor, and a lot of pictures.

You’ll find her at Lyra’s Place here on WordPress.








I Have a New Poetry Blog!

Hey, all you WordPress friends,

I want to tell you about my new poetry blog. I am experimenting with a new blog on a separate hosting site, and I’d like your feedback. So when you get time, hop over and visit and leave me a comment. The only negative I’ve found is that, in spite of my setting things so that it isn’t required, the site seems to require everyone to do that word verification thing before posting comments. Other than that, if you are a WP blogger, you can click on the WP symbol and just paste your own blog address in the window. That should do it. If you try to comment and have a problem, please let me know. That could be a deal-breaker as far as whether I stay on that new site or not.

Thanks. Hope to see you at “Pick a Peck of Poems.”