12 Days of Christmas Coffee – Day 12


COFFEE W. GLASSES - Gerd Altmann - PX

Wishing all of you the happiest, merriest, most carefree new year ever — and lots of great coffee to enjoy in 2020!

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photo courtesy of Gerd Altmann @ pixabay.com



Making My Future

Another borrow from my “Ahyoka” site. But I thought it might encourage a few folks on this site as well.



To look out on a new year bright with promise,
With unmarred paths that hopeful feet may take —
It gives my heart a thrill, and I’m enchanted
By all the choices I’m allowed to make.

And even though I know there will be pitfalls
And hurdles now and then that must be cleared.
I know my heart will hear the Lord’s direction,
And nothing up ahead needs to be feared.

For in my own decisions rests my future.
It isn’t luck or happenstance or fate.
And this new year before me bright with promise —
I’ll boldly grasp it, and I’ll make it great.


photo courtesy of 12019 @ pixabay.com




Leap of Faith

I originally published this poem on my “Ahyoka” site, but I decided to share it here as well.

NEW YEAR JUMPING - Mohammed_Hassan - PX

Will she make it? Tell me please.
Will she manage such a leap?
Will her footing be secure?
Can she reach such heights for sure?

Yes! She’ll make it. Never fear.
She is focused strong and clear.
This year’s vision’s burning bright;
She will reach amazing heights!



photo courtesy of Mohammed_Hassan @ pixabay.com




First Poem of the Year

newyears_7_bg_123102Ho!  The new year is upon me!
Its first poem must be penned.
I have a new beginning,
And I must to it attend.

Oh, I do not take it lightly
That I have another chance
To reach for goals before me,
To learn a brand new dance.

To dream some happy new dreams,
To reach out loving hands
And touch new hearts with my love,
To help my fellow man.

Ho! The new year is upon me!
It’s running swift and free.
So I must ply both heart and soul
To give it all of me.


Wag More; Bark Less

I’m not much of a believer in “New Year’s Resolutions,” but this year I have decided to make one — only one. It is based on a piece of advice that comes from the canine community, and I think it is a commitment that has value.


So for the year 2013, I, Sandra Conner, do solemnly resolve to WAG MORE AND BARK LESS!  I have a feeling my life will be happier as a result.  Happy New Year, Everyone!