What Happened to ‘The End’?

Over the past decade, the publishing world has experienced an interesting, but, in my opinion, sad phenomenon. Almost all fiction authors and/or publishing houses have started leaving out the words “The End” on the last page of novels. It’s now become passe, and I guess in some minds, even unsophisticated to write those two iconicContinue reading “What Happened to ‘The End’?”

‘Racing Toward The Light’- a novel about the battle between light and darkness

I have taken considerable liberty this week in responding to the prompt at “A Dash of Sunny.”  It calls us to look at light and darkness and to write about them in any way we feel led. I have written an entire novel that focuses on the battle between light and darkness, looking in depth atContinue reading “‘Racing Toward The Light’- a novel about the battle between light and darkness”

Sneak a Peek at “Quenton’s Honor”

Just thought I’d tease some of you a little with an excerpt from the first chapter of my novel Quenton’s Honor.  Go ahead. Take a chance. Read it. Maybe you’ll decide that one chapter just isn’t enough. If so, you’ll find it for sale on Amazon’s Kindle Store, for only $3.99. And if you don’tContinue reading “Sneak a Peek at “Quenton’s Honor””

How the Quiver Got Its Arrows: The Writing of a Novel

Well, it all started one night when I was bored with every story/novel/poem I’d been working on over the past several months. I wasn’t suffering from that somewhat vague malady known as “writer’s block.” No – I was just bored. I couldn’t seem to make myself work on any one piece that was currently underContinue reading “How the Quiver Got Its Arrows: The Writing of a Novel”

a ~ different ~ kind of halloween story

A story that reveals the indelible connection between satanism, witchcraft, and halloween. When witchcraft invades a small town, threatening the lives of the children and the future of the whole community, how will the citizens learn to overcome that evil with a Higher Power? There’s one man who can lead them … but will he?Continue reading “a ~ different ~ kind of halloween story”

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sea # 1

When I think of the sea, I think of my novel Racing Toward the Light, primarily because it was a painting of the sea by internationally renowned artist Steven Sundram that inspired the story. A print of his painting was a gift to me from some friends, and the very day I received it, IContinue reading “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sea # 1”

So You Want To Be A Writer, Huh???

So you want to be a writer, huh? Then DO IT! Mystery author Agatha Christie once said, “The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes.” There’s a lot of wisdom in that statement. You know, you don’t have to live a weird life — or even a particularly exciting lifeContinue reading “So You Want To Be A Writer, Huh???”

Please Tell Me It Kept You Up Until 3:00 A.M.

I was browsing this week through some old newspaper columns I had written and came across one that focused on Winnie the Pooh, By A. A. Milne.  In the column, I had mentioned that, had he still been with us, Milne would have turned 125 that year. But as I perused the article, I beganContinue reading “Please Tell Me It Kept You Up Until 3:00 A.M.”