BlogFestivus – Day 4 – ‘Christmas Planet’

Day 4 is upon us, and our challenge is to write a 200-word story Happy BlogFestivus 2013about the Spirit of Christmas Future. Our Hostess is Blogdromedy, and you can hop over to her blog to check out the rules if you’d like to participate. I’d like to give special thanks to my great friend photographer/graphic artist Terry Valley for his artwork that inspired my take on today’s prompt. And, once again, you’ll find a list below my story that will link you to the other talented writers who are taking part in BlogFestivus this year.



“Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen. KTZY-TV is here at the 2025 Christmas Market Preview to interview The Spirit of Christmas Future and learn what’s in store this coming holiday season. Future is currently standing atop one of the newest creations this year — the Self-Lighting Christmas Tree. Christmas Future, can you hear me all right?”

“I can hear you fine, Tom. And as you explained, I am atop one of the smartest Christmas decorating ideas to come out in centuries. These purple and red trees come with self-infused lighting that glows gently from within.”

“I see. And is that Santa who’s being hoisted up to the top where you are?”

“Yes, we wanted him on hand when we present the video feed of Christmas Planet.   Here’s the video now.”

“That’s spectacular!”

“Yes, NASA recently discovered this planet and developed it specifically for the celebration of Christmas. Those amazing red light displays are part of the planet’s atmosphere.”

“And any family from earth can travel by spaceship to Christmas Planet to celebrate the holidays?”

“Yes. About the same price as Disney World — which has now been demoted to Christmas Past, of course.”

“We’re out of time, but thank you, Christmas Future, for this thrilling report. Well, folks, there you have it. Contact NASA at the number on your screen for more information.”


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Picture It and Write Challenge: ‘In the Beginning – A One-Act Play’

I originally posted this short one-act play a few months ago, but yesterday I came across a writing challenge connected with the picture below, and I thought the play fit the challenge perfectly.  So I’m sharing it as my response.
Here’s the link:  Picture It and Write:

In The Beginning: A One-Act Play

Time: Creation, Day 1
Place: Heaven, looking down at planet Earth
Cast: God and One Inquisitive Angel


Angel to God: “What are you doing, God?”
God: “I’m lighting my planet Earth.”
Angel: “Why does it need light?”
God: “Because I am creating a brand new species — MAN — and I want him to live there.”
Angel:A NEW species? What are you going to do with him?”
God: “Love him.”
Angel: “What will he do for you?”
God: “Give me pleasure.”
Angel: “Will he give you pleasure that is different from what the rest of your creation gives you?”
God: “Oh, yes. He will be a speaking spirit just like me, who will be able to choose by his own free will to love me and communicate with me constantly.”
Angel: “Have you thought that he could use his free will to choose NOT to love you? He could end up giving you a lot of trouble.”
God: “Oh, yes, he will give me  A LOT of trouble. … But to me he is worth it!”