Thawing The Ice

The following story is an excerpt from my Christmas anthology: STOCKING FULL OF STORIES.  If you’re interested in more stories, you can find the book on Amazon in paperback or digital.   THAWING THE ICE Misty laced up her skates and glided smoothly across the ice. It had been more than a year since she’dContinue reading “Thawing The Ice”

Weekend Coffee Share – 3/18/18

Hi. Come right on in and make yourself at home. I’ve got coffee in the pot — and a cup of “senior coffee” from McDonald’s as well. It’s one of those days. If we really were having coffee together, I’d probably show you my newest coffee mug — which was a Valentine’s Day present fromContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share – 3/18/18”

My Darkest Night

` My darkest night has come, The sorrow is so deep. My grieving heart’s entombed — So empty it can’t weep. The storm around me rages, And uses up my strength. While memories and images Besiege my mind at length. But through the savage gale, A voice so sweet and clear, Rings out and thenContinue reading “My Darkest Night”