Daily Post Prompt: Plop

Today’s Daily Post Prompt reminded me instantly of a poem I originally wrote for a writer’s group challenge in September of 2012. But since it fits today’s prompt perfectly, I see no reason not to resurrect it and let it shine again now.

big-rain-plops-cropped-for-background1.jpgI AM A RAINDROP

I am a raindrop.
I’m falling quickly and cannot stop,
So I’m looking for place to plop.

I don’t know where I’d like to be,
But I definitely don’t want to land in the sea.

You see, if I were to land in the sea,
It would be so anti-climactic for me;

I would lose my personal identity,
Even I would no longer recognize me.

No, I must find some place solid instead.
Perhaps on a daisy in a flower bed,

Or a plant so parched it’s almost dead,
Or the page of a book that’s being read.

I must decide as fast as I can;
I’m falling quickly toward some folks on the sand.

So many are out there just getting a tan.
Hello, there, little bald-headed man!

His head sure was tempting, but then a breeze blew,
And drove me off course; what am I to do?

Oh, I see it! I see it! My target’s in view!
Get ready; get ready; I’m landing on you!