The Politically Correct Drink

Politics ruffle my soul. The worst of most people they show. But when I get stressed and uptight, I know what will make it quite right: Please give me Coffee! I need to lean back and breathe slow. For Presidents will come and go. Some are corrupt and hell-bent. I’ll pray they’re removed, but ’tilContinue reading “The Politically Correct Drink”

Non-Essential Lives

Some call it isolation. Some call it sheltering. A “safe-at-home” condition That’s lasted all of spring. Small businesses are locked down Churches have empty pews. But laws allow the sale of drugs And “grass,” and, of course, booze. What Liberals term “essential” Is given liberty. Abortion clinics have free reign: Murder in first degree. TheContinue reading “Non-Essential Lives”


Alas, I’m at odds and at ends. I’ve upset all my liberal “friends.” I’m a stickler for truth; Liberals hate it forsooth. Only lies will accomplish their ends. Liberal friends believe every tale told By the media, brutal and bold In its efforts to slay All but Muslims and gays. And they choose to wearContinue reading “Friends???”