Irresistible Invitation

I was watching an art tutorial the other day, and the artist shared about something she had learned from a life coach that had changed her life for the good. It was the concept of determining what you give your time and energy to by always “focusing on what sparks joy.” The concept found aContinue reading “Irresistible Invitation”

Daily Post Prompts: Shadow – ‘The Beast’

The sun was low in the sky and to my back. I lay on the ground, looking up at the clouds and turning them into all sorts of things. One looked very much like a turtle. One like a smiley face, since it had two holes where the blue peaked through, giving it eyes, andContinue reading “Daily Post Prompts: Shadow – ‘The Beast’”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

For this week’s challenge, I decided to share a few more photos from Rocky Ridge Refuge in Arkansas, U. S. A.  They do such wonderful work with all kinds of animals in trouble.  You can visit their website here: I call this slideshow  “Community Dreaming”