Daily Post Prompt: Abandoned – ‘Start Abandoning Things Today’

Abandon your fears. Abandon your insecurities. Abandon your doubts. Abandon your past failures. Abandon the negative words others have spoken concerning your abilities or your future. Abandon the so-called ‘friends’ who do not help draw you to your best and highest. Life is too short to live it in fear, doubt, and the faulty judgmentsContinue reading “Daily Post Prompt: Abandoned – ‘Start Abandoning Things Today’”

Share Your World – Week 35

When I was a child, I bought a little banner at a community fair that said, “Slow But Sure.”  So, okay, I’m sometimes slow about getting around to stuff — like the “Share Your World” project that Cee hosts every week. I see a lot of my blogging friends responding, but I just never gotContinue reading “Share Your World – Week 35”

Okay, I Give Up

Well, once again, I have failed to post the next story for the Saturday writing challenges in August. My original plan, as those of you know who read the original post, was to write a story every Saturday in August featuring a man with a gun, and to invite my readers to do the same andContinue reading “Okay, I Give Up”