Daily Post Prompt: The Scent of You


woman-looking-up-for-profileThe scent of you:
It calls me from my worried place
And draws me into quiet peace
As your essence gently folds
Around my soul.

The scent of you:
It fills my senses with delight
And stirs the embers of desire
Into a lavish, living fire
That satisfies.

The scent of you:
It causes me to seek to know
My inner self, my deepest soul,
And then to strive to be the best
That I can be.


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You Know You’re In Love When …

AMOEBA MAN UNDER LOVE WEIGHTI’ve been meaning to write this post for a couple weeks. I’ve had my notes right in front of my computer keyboard — just sitting there — waiting.  But other stuff kept me busy, and before I knew it, one week had gone by and then another. Now, here I am on Thursday of the third week, and I do hope that I haven’t waited so long that some readers out there have been stuck on the verge of a relationship and didn’t know whether to take the plunge or not — all because of my dastardly procrastination.

Well, finally, I am getting this information onto the great Internet information highway. I hope it’s helpful to a few — maybe even several — people who have been looking for love, but weren’t sure what the real thing looked and felt like.Some will agree with me. Some will not. But here are two lists that I think are pretty close to the mark.

You know you’re in love when …

1. You think about the person all the time.

2. You can’t seem to remember to do even the ordinary everyday things that you always did before getting to know the person.

3. You can’t stay focused on any one project because your mind keeps wandering to this person and keeps daydreaming about him/her.

4. Every time you experience something beautiful or good your first thought is that you want to share it with this person.

5. Every time you experience something hurtful or difficult, you want to run and tell him/her.

6. You’d rather be in this person’s presence than anywhere else in the world.

7. When you’re together, you feel that you two are in your own private world and that you don’t really need anybody else.

8. You constantly want to give to this person — give of your time, your energy, your material possessions. You’re eager to buy gifts for this person, to help him/her do his work, to create and plan things and events that will delight him/her.

9. You realize that this person’s welfare and happiness are much more important to you than your own.

Okay, so after studying this list, you have decided that you are indeed in love with the person in question. Now what do you do about it?  Well, don’t do anything at all until you’ve studied this next list:

You know it’s SAFE to love this person because …

1. You know in your heart — and from practical experience — that you can trust this person. He/She has kept your confidences, been totally honest on all fronts, and has actively taken your side in any conflict or attack that could mean hurt to you.

2. You know in your heart — based on this person’s actions and treatment of you — that he/she  will never deliberately hurt you — in fact will go out of his/her way to keep from hurting you — and will cherish and guard your love and your welfare above everything else in his/her life. No other individuals or their opinions affect this person’s feelings for and treatment of you.

3. This person makes you want to be the very best person you can be in all areas of your life. He/she constantly draws out of you your best thoughts, feelings and behavior.

4. This person always makes you feel valuable and worthy of love.

5. This person adds good to your life and enriches you and your life. He/she does not deplete any part of you — or make you feel as if you’re lacking or failing to measure up somehow.

6. This person puts your welfare and happiness above his/her own. When decisions are to be made, he/she bases those decisions on how the outcome will affect you before considering how it will effect himself/herself.

Taking action based on the results of both lists:

If all the descriptions in list # 1 match you — but very few of the descriptions in list # 2 match the person you believe you’re in love with —  RUN — DON’T WALK — RUN from any development of a closer relationship.

On the other hand, if all the descriptions in list # 1 match you — and all the descriptions in list # 2 match the person you believe you’re in love with — GRAB HIM — or HER —  AND DON’T LET GO.


Here’s to falling in love this summer ……..


What? Valentine’s Day Just Around the Corner???

Oh my word!!!  Look at that calendar.  Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and here I am without a valentine to call my own.

The truth is that I’d like to fall in love again, but I’m just not sure I want to have to deal with all the responsibility that comes with it. Life is so much more complicated when you’re in love, but then it doesn’t shine quite as brightly when you’re not.  I may need to do some soul-searching during this “season of love.”

Well, in the meantime, let me be the first to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!  Here’s a little poem from my archives to get you in the mood.



I turned to Love and said, “I must be free.”
And Love said, “Surely. Take your liberty.”

I asked, “In truth? You set me free to roam?”
Then Love replied, “Just please remember home.”

And so I flew to north, south, east, and west.
And, finally, back to home I came to rest.

Then turned to Love and said, “You were so brave,
To let me try my wings.  So much you gave.”

Love smiled and said, “Refusal to set you free
Would mean I loved — not you — but only me.”

Will I Know Him When I See Him?

It’s been a heavy-thinking day. This piece is just a little whimsy I engaged in to clear my head — although I have experienced something similar, as have others. Maybe you have too. Let me know.

Will I Know Him When I See Him?

Some enchanted evening, you may see a stranger; you may see a stranger, across a crowded room … and … you’ll know even then that somewhere you’ll see him again and again.” It does happen: you notice a person across a room. You’ve never actually met him. You may not know anything about him, or you may know who he is only in an objective sense. There’s absolutely no logical reason to believe that he will become an important part of your life, or that one day there will be a strong relationship between the two of you. But regardless of the lack of logic, you do know, somehow, that your destiny is tied up with his.

He leaves. You leave. Months go by, and you don’t set eyes on him; you don’t hear his name mentioned; you don’t even think about him except in the most fleeting way. Then suddenly, one day you hear someone talking about him, and everything in you comes to attention. You think, I want to know what they’re saying, because he’s special to me. He’s going to have a special place in my life. So you listen carefully. It isn’t anything particularly important … just words that included his name … but you made a mental note because you know he’s important in your life.

More months go by, and suddenly you see him walk into a store. You feel like you need to go up to him and say something, because, after all, he’s an important person in your life … but you don’t know him. He doesn’t know you. If you say anything, he will look at you as if you’re crazy. So you let it pass, but you feel as if you’ve missed something good. You go home a little sadder because you didn’t connect … even though you know you are connected.

A few weeks go by. There he is again, walking down the same grocery store aisle as you. This time, the need to say something is more than you can rein in. You still haven’t met. He’ll still think you’re crazy. But you speak. Something inane, but certainly non-threatening. And sure enough, he looks at you, and you can see the question in his eyes: “Who are you?”

And your immediate reaction is to answer, I’m the person who’s going to have a really important place in your life! Your destiny is tied in with mine! But, of course, you can’t say that. So you walk on down the aisle as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

Weeks pass. Now you’ve had an opportunity to talk to him briefly in the natural order of doing your job. It’s been fleeting, but at least there’s a connection. You don’t know why you want that connection. Most of the things about him are definitely unlike anything you have thought you might want in life. In fact, you aren’t looking for a new relationship at all right now. But it was important that you connected.

A couple more weeks pass. You hear from him. Again it’s related to your professions, but a door has opened a very tiny little crack. So you walk through it. Maybe he’ll still think you’re crazy, but you might as well take a chance. Chances like this don’t come often.

More weeks pass. You come to the conclusion that he has closed the door again and intends to keep you out. Oh, well. It’s probably better that way. You don’t really find him attractive, and you know you wouldn’t want a serious relationship with him. It’s just that there’s something … something … there is something special that’s supposed to happen between the two of you.

More weeks pass, and now you have managed to talk some sense into yourself and decided to let go of this screwy idea that there is something special between you and this stranger. You move on. You focus your attention on your work, your friendships – real friendships – and the possibility of other new relationships —- if you can ever get to the point where you are sure you really want a new relationship.

Months pass. You hear his name, and, even though you’ve convinced yourself that all of it was a figment of your imagination, your mind centers in on the words being spoken about him, and your heart tells you – once again – that your destiny is connected with his . . .





‘As I Sat on the Bus’ Writing Challenge – Week of 6/30/13 – A Poem

Photo Courtesy Wikimedia Commons


As I sat on the trundling bus,
My love was on my mind:
I thought of him so tall and strong
But not especially kind.

I thought about how cruel his words
When he’s displeased with me;
How perfect he esteems himself,
Yet all my faults can see.

I thought about the gifts I’ve giv’n;
His lack of gifts to me;
I thought how tight he holds the reins:
How I am never free.

And as my journey was quite long,
And thinking time was rich,
I thought how happy I would be
If my love I would ditch!

BLOND ON PHONE - dark sepia
Bye-bye, Love!


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Love’s Freedom

I turned to Love and said, “I must be free.”
And Love said, “Surely. Take your liberty.”

I asked, “In truth? You set me free to roam?”
Then Love replied, “Just please remember home.”

And so I flew to north, south, east, and west.
And finally back to home I came to rest.

Then turned to Love and said, “You were so brave,
To let me try my wings. So much you gave.”

Love smiled and said, “Refusal to set you free
Would mean I loved — not you — but only me.”

© Sandra Conner 2012

Daily Post Writing Challenge: Starting Over

Sometimes “starting over” is as simple as letting go of something that has been usurping one’s focus and direction for too long. That’s the subject of this original poem.



Let him go.
It’s time to admit you’ve been a fool
And take possession back of your own soul.

At first encounter
You saw the good was mixed with bad.
The right choice then, by now, would make you glad.

But foolish child,
You were intrigued, so closer crept
And threw out counsel that you should have kept.

“Do not touch.”
Three words so easy to understand;
Unguardedly, you opened both your heart and hand.

It’s harder now,
But still you have to make the choice.
And this time listen to the wiser voice.

You are in love,
But such a love that’s unrequited
Just leaves the soul living life one-sided.

Even if,
In truth, he shared the love you feel,
The danger of forbidden fruit is real.

Let him go.
And pray the feelings soon will die.
To hope for more would be to live a lie.

Let him go.

© 2011 Sandra Conner

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