WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

This week, WP is calling for shots of “normal” subjects that focus on their “abstract” qualities and characteristics. So here goes.









100-Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week # 107 – Three For One


I’m especially excited to be taking part in Julia’s challenge this week because I also invited students of my current creative writing class to participate as well. Many of my students are just too busy to write more than what’s required for the class right now, but two of them, Erin Campbell and Lyra McCarty each submitted a 100-word poem for the challenge. I’m very proud to call them my students, and I think you will enjoy their poems.

The fact that they chose poetry for their response to the challenge is especially interesting to me because I had written a poem this time around as well and was awaiting the student submissions so that I could share all of our work in this post. 

For those of you who are not familiar with the challenge, you can find all the details on Julia’s own site at this link:

The prompt this week:  “… as the world turned …”
Now for the poetry:

by Erin Campbell

A rock is my island.
The rock is my throne,
where I sat and watched
as the world turned to dust.
A thousand years of progress
swirls around me like
a cloak around my shoulders.
It caresses my cheek and settles in
my eyes and hair like a crown
as the wind bellows at its loss.
Tides rise and wash the ages onto
sallow shores, leaving broken shell
memories behind in their wake.
I am the only one to keep them close.
The island grows as I grow.
Loved and feared by nothing.
A ruler of ashes, I command ghosts.

© 2013 Erin Campbell


by Lyra McCarty

As the world turns I seek you.
I listen — and you are here?
Not a caress passes between us.
But I know that you are near.

Always a crowd surrounds us
In a whirlpool of noisy things.
Some are always pushing
They think I have no King.

I live in the twilight hours
Lost between night and day.
I know you Dear Lord Jesus
And understand your way.

As the world turns I seek you.
I listen — and you are here?
Not a caress passes between us.
But I know you hold me dear.

© 2013 Lyra McCarty


by Sandra Conner

As the world turned and turned and turned,
So his heart yearned, and churned, and burned.
Day unto day and night unto night
He pondered on ways to satisfy spite.

If he could not have her – his love, his life,
He’d see to it no one else made her his wife.
He thought out his strategy, planned every move,
And finally knew how to deal with his love.

So swiftly he made his way into her room
And there, as she slept, introduced her to doom.
Then, satisfied that a lesson she’d learned,
He joined her in silent death as the world turned.

© 2013 Sandra Conner


Bob’s Frameable Keepers Challenge — Comin’ Round the Bend

Well, it’s “Lingering Visions'” fault.  I saw her photo for this challenge, and it was so beautiful that I had to stop and gaze at it.  That’s when I realized she was talking about Bob and his challenge. I hopped on over to Bob’s place, and the site itself is a work of art and inspiration. I decided to offer my own contribution this week.  I call it “Comin’ Round the Bend,” and it shows a most colorful rock formation on top of the Blue Ridge Parkway — in Southeast U. S. It was a very cloudy day, and you can see a rainstorm just starting to move in — which I think adds to the power of the picture. But within minutes, we were enveloped in the storm cloud itself. Hope you enjoy this.


To enjoy Bob’s site and take part in the challenge, visit here: