Don’t Blink

  “Remember, Ronnie. Don’t blink. If you blink, it’s all over.” Those words pounded through my brain right before I took a seat in front of the webcam, preparing to look into the eyes of the most evil scientific mind on the planet. But I knew I had to cleanse those words from my brain.Continue reading “Don’t Blink”

What If? — Daily Post Prompt: Mushroom

My photographer friend, Terry Valley (Visions Seen Photography) loves photographing the little details in nature, and he has some great shots of mushrooms. I’ve shared a couple of them here. And I’ve also shared some graphic art Terry did, using the mushroom theme. Naturally, writer that I am, I had to create a story toContinue reading “What If? — Daily Post Prompt: Mushroom”

Daily Post Prompt: Sound / ‘The Approaching Silence’

In response to today’s Daily Post Prompt (Sound), I’ve offered the first few pages of a story in progress. Just a little sci-fi to flavor your day. THE APPROACHING SILENCE “In other news today, Dr. Leopold Barnes, director of the U. S. Atmospheric and Meteorological Testing Center located inside the Arctic Circle, issued reports ofContinue reading “Daily Post Prompt: Sound / ‘The Approaching Silence’”

Tickle Me Tuesday — Week 6

Sorry I’m so late getting this week’s Tickle up, but I have been swamped with technology problems today.  (I’m running way behind on my serialized story as well. But to quote a well-known character in English literature, “The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get.”) Here’s today’s chuckle from me, and anyone else who hasContinue reading “Tickle Me Tuesday — Week 6”

Friday Fictioneers – 3/7/14 — You Can’t Go Home Again

Well, another week has rolled around, and that means another Friday Fictioneers 100-word story challenge. This whole week, the number 1 has not worked on my computer keyboard. I have to take special pains to get it to type onto the page. So I got to thinking that perhaps I could use that as anContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers – 3/7/14 — You Can’t Go Home Again”

BlogFestivus – Day 4 – ‘Christmas Planet’

Day 4 is upon us, and our challenge is to write a 200-word story about the Spirit of Christmas Future. Our Hostess is Blogdromedy, and you can hop over to her blog to check out the rules if you’d like to participate. I’d like to give special thanks to my great friend photographer/graphic artist Terry Valley forContinue reading “BlogFestivus – Day 4 – ‘Christmas Planet’”

Friday Fictioneers – 5/10/13 – ‘Goodbye Snooky’

GOODBYE SNOOKY   “Here we are, folks: the legendary bar where Snooky Adams was gunned down by his partner, Lila Corbell.” The young guide positioned himself to imitate the gangster, dressed in Snooky’s signature red turtle-neck and gray, pinstriped jacket, his hair slicked back in Snooky’s oily-smooth style. The resemblance was disturbing. He looked intoContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers – 5/10/13 – ‘Goodbye Snooky’”

Experimental Challenge 5/7/13 — ‘What If …?’

Well, even though I posted the “green planet” writing challenge on here Tuesday, I did not have a story of my own to go with the picture yet.  I was still thinking. Two other bloggers have jumped in with great contributions, though, and we are on our way. I finally dragged an idea out ofContinue reading “Experimental Challenge 5/7/13 — ‘What If …?’”

Experimental Writing Challenge

Okay, I just can’t resist this. I love writing challenges, even though I don’t get to keep up with all of them.  A couple weeks ago, I began thinking about one particular piece of graphic art done by a friend that should spark several good ideas for stories. But, of course, no one else isContinue reading “Experimental Writing Challenge”

100-Word Challenge for Grown Ups – # 86 — ‘Decisions’

This week’s 100-Word story challenge from Julia is the following phrase:     ” … the queue was so long …”  We have to create a story with 100 words, plus this phrase. To join the fun visit Julia here: My story is four words over the limit, but you will find it below: DECISIONS TheContinue reading “100-Word Challenge for Grown Ups – # 86 — ‘Decisions’”

NaPoWriMo – 2013 – Day 4 – A Series of Unlikely Explanations

Day 4 of the NaPoWriMo challenge offers a very unusual prompt.  Here it is in the words right from the NaPoWriMo site, in  host Maureen Thorson’s words:  “Recently, I read an article about the Scottish science fiction writer Iain M. Banks. His books often have spaceships in them. And those spaceships have extremely odd, poetic names. Like: ProstheticContinue reading “NaPoWriMo – 2013 – Day 4 – A Series of Unlikely Explanations”

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups — Week #74 — Freezing

Julia’s new challenge this week can be found at this link: The prompt is the phrase:    “… the extreme weather meant …” Here’s my contribution: FREEZING “Dr. Corbet, from the U.S. Natural Disaster Center, is at the news conference to bring us up to date on what the extreme weather meant this pastContinue reading “100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups — Week #74 — Freezing”

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

I have a good friend who is a professional photographer, but he likes to experiment with computer graphics as well.  The picture below is one of his original computer creations, and I think it fits this week’s challenge nicely.