Friday Fictioneers – 12/13/13 – ‘Anthropology 101’

I feel as if I’ve been darting in and out of Friday Fictioneers lately, but it’s such fun that I don’t want to miss unless I have to. This week I managed to cook up a little something, so you’ll find my story below Adam Ickes’ interesting picture.

Jump over to Rochelle’s blog to check out the details if you’d like to offer your own 100-word story.

Copyright - Adam Ickes


My marriage to an anthropologist was educational – and short. Herman insisted we honeymoon on an island he’d studied for years – certain he could convince the cannibalistic natives to help him with his research. I acquiesced.

The ship captain called us fools as he left us on the shore, but Herman insisted he had everything under control.

When the tribe captured us, they bound Herman and carried me to a huge throne. Seems my blond hair was their sign that their goddess had arrived. I’m to be worshiped and given every heart’s desire forever.

Of course, they feasted in celebration of my arrival.

I’ll miss Herman.