Weekend Coffee Share — 11/2/19

To participate in this week’s “Coffee Share” click on this link and visit Eclectic Ali for the details. If we were having coffee together this weekend, I’d probably tell you about my book signing gig today. It was the kind of book signing that every author hopes he never experiences even once in his wholeContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share — 11/2/19”

How the Quiver Got Its Arrows: The Writing of a Novel

Well, it all started one night when I was bored with every story/novel/poem I’d been working on over the past several months. I wasn’t suffering from that somewhat vague malady known as “writer’s block.” No – I was just bored. I couldn’t seem to make myself work on any one piece that was currently underContinue reading “How the Quiver Got Its Arrows: The Writing of a Novel”