Simon Stone Book # 1 – On Sale This Week

Novellas are back in style. After decades with almost no “short novels” on the bookshelves, we’ve come back to the place where we want stories that require shorter time spans, but that still offer the true-to-life actions and emotions that satisfy. Novellas are, once again, taking their place as the genre of choice for busyContinue reading “Simon Stone Book # 1 – On Sale This Week”

Simon Stone Mystery – Daily Post Prompt

CHAPTER ONE Deanna Forbes sat straight in the uncomfortable wooden chair. She kept her shoulders back and her right leg crossed over her left knee, making sure to hold her foot perfectly still. That effort, along with the pleasant expression on her face, cost her considerable energy, but she was a strong-willed woman and hadContinue reading “Simon Stone Mystery – Daily Post Prompt”

An ‘Innocent’ Crime & Romance Story

My newest release is a Crime & Romance Novella — Book 1 of the Simon Stone Detective Series. The series is ┬ácomposed of ‘On Target, Quick-Read’ Novellas that should appeal to busy readers. Book 1 is a story that I originally wrote right here on this blog: INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY Here’s a peek atContinue reading “An ‘Innocent’ Crime & Romance Story”

Daily Post Prompt: Witness

Today’s one-word prompt fits right in with the theme of the new novelette I’m currently working on. It is book number 2 in The Simon Stone Detective Trilogy. Some of you will remember Simon because I actually wrote the first book in the series (Innocent Until Proven Guilty) right here on this blog. That bookContinue reading “Daily Post Prompt: Witness”