NaPoWriMo – 2013 — Day 2 — The Pretty Kitty Tale


Well, I’m duly embarrassed because I’m still running a day behind. I missed yesterday’s poem, but I will definitely write two today. The one below is in response to Tuesday’s prompt to write “a poem that tells a lie.”  It’s more or less a tall kitty tale.

Striped_skunk (1)The Tale of the Pretty Kitty

Mary Lou was very pretty,
And she had a pretty kitty.
It was black with two white stripes,
And of its smell her folks did gripe. 

But Mary Lou just loved her pet,
So it was with such great regret
That she agreed to have him fixed,
And have his smell completely nixed.

But during surg’ry, kitty died,
And Mary Lou, she cried and cried.
But every night in spirit form
Her kitty did come back to home. 

Poor Mom and Dad could not explain,
The smell that came each night again,
But Mary was content to know
Her white-striped pet still loved her so.


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