Goin’ Fishin’

This stained glass fishing boy, created by a very dear artist friend of mine, has inspired more than one poem for me. But this one is my favorite.  Hope you enjoy it.   GOIN’ FISHIN’ Barefoot boy goin’ down the road On his way to the fishin’ hole. Faded overalls and an old straw hat,Continue reading “Goin’ Fishin’”

Poet On The Loose: Poetry Challenge 11/14/13

Hey, I’m in the mood for some fun today, so I’m issuing a new poetry challenge. The picture below is of a stained glass creation by a very dear friend of mine, Dorothy Mercer, who is now 92 years old. She has led a most interesting and happy life, traveling the world and serving herContinue reading “Poet On The Loose: Poetry Challenge 11/14/13”

Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 16

I’m late with “Thursday’s Windows” again this week — due to the fact that I was sick this past week and had my work schedule flopped around, so that I was a little out of sync. Since I’m evidently having a problem keeping up with the program, I think it’s probably time to bring thisContinue reading “Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 16”