Birthday Cinquain

They come and go.
But when they come, they give
A gift that lasts throughout the year:
My age.


Oh my!
My birthday’s here.
And I’m not ready yet.
I’m old enough, so let’s wait ’til
Next year.


Birthday to me.
I wish me many more.
Maybe I’ll begin to count them


My day
Was quite well spent.
I got to do nice things.
And even got surprises too.
Four times.


In prose, I’d like to say thank you to all of you who sent me happy wishes and gave me such delightful surprises. God bless you.



Friday Fictioneers — February 22

Copyright-Janet Webb
Copyright-Janet Webb

The Painted Fence

Odd … the fence so freshly painted. The barn still bore silent scars from enemy troops scouring the countryside of its rightful owners and leaving all to ruin. A few lucky farmers had fled, losing all they’d worked for.

But before … before death and destruction … she and Johann had walked the length of this fence daily … stopping for kisses … planning: marriage, children, living beside this fence.

The night of the soldiers Johann had forced her to run while he covered her, and she’d seen them capture him.

20 years gone and she’d come back to remember. If only Johann were ….

Odd … this fence so freshly painted ….

~ ~ ~

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