My Cadillac For Your Camel

[Haven’t had much time to blog this week, so I’ve gone back and pulled a few things from my archives that spoke to me in some particular way. This article was one of those things.] We all live by a value system of some kind. Each possession, each day, and each person in our livesContinue reading “My Cadillac For Your Camel”

Friday Fictioneers – 4/12/13 – Grandpa’s Invention

Friday Fictioneers this week offers a unique photo (from Sandra Crook) as the prompt for our 100-word story. It could take you into many different worlds. My imagination took me to long, long ago . . . . GRANDPA’S INVENTION “Gramps, what ya buildin’?” “Well, son, I calls is a tri-cycle.” “What’s that mean?” “MeansContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers – 4/12/13 – Grandpa’s Invention”