Most Important Verse in our National Anthem

“So thus be it ever, when free men shall stand
Between their loved homes and the war’s desolation.
Blessed with victory and peace, may this Heaven-rescued land
Praise the God that hath made and preserved us a nation.
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just
And this be our motto: ‘In God is our trust!’
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

(Francis Scott Key)


The Sky Is Falling???

Illustration for “Chicken Little” during early 1900’s.

I think of Chicken Little
When I hear the world is doomed.
It would seem the sky is falling,
And there’s nothing left but gloom.

Disaster by disaster,
It’s reported in the news,
And mega-media stars now
Wailing out their liberal blues.

Seems it’s all the fault of one man
No one thought could ever be
Sitting in the oval office
Working hard to keep us free.

Life was out of balance
And it was an ugly sight:
Illegals, Gays, and Muslims
Were the only ones with rights.

Now suddenly we’re sitting
At a table that’s been turned,
And once again the average guy
Can get the rights he’s earned.

The honest business owner
Whose invested all he’s got
Again can have the freedom
To serve customers or not.

And the Christian workers
Who’ve been faithful employees
Have the same rights now as Muslims
For religious liberties.

And little helpless babies
Resting in their mother’s womb
Now have someone voting
That the womb is not a tomb.

Liberals, they are crying,
Running hateful, wild, and scared.
Chicken Littles all,
Warning that we should beware:

Running through the streets
Crying over what is past.
For them the sky is falling.
They have lost control at last.


Thank You, God!


Thank You, God! Thank You, God! Thank You, God!  It’s about all I can say right now. I’ll have other things to say about yesterday’s election in my nation, but for right now, I am so overwhelmed with gratitude that we finally put a president and scores of congressmen into office who will work AGAINST murdering millions of innocent children every day that I am almost speechless. That stand for the unborn was THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE AT HAND, because nothing else will ever be right in our country until we stop deliberately murdering God’s children.  I can add one more thing: God has given us one more chance to turn things around and get back to being the nation that He originally intended us to be, and we’d better all buckle down and work hard at doing just that.


Rebel Without a Cause? I Don’t Think So

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I generally post articles on this site that, hopefully, will be of interest to visitors and readers from all over the world, since I’ve been blessed with friendship by so many folks from other nations. That being said, I’ll let you know up front that this post is primarily addressed to the other citizens of the United States who visit here. However, what I’m saying about the removal of basic rights and freedoms in our nation is something that can be applied to every free nation on this planet. So, hopefully, even those of you who are not my countrymen, will find something here to make you think and/or encourage you to stand up for the rights of everyone in your own nation.

I came across a website last week (Dukes of Hillsboro) that is dedicated to and focused on clarifying and defending the Confederate battle flag and its display in both private and public venues. The group behind the site is also devoted to protecting the honor of those brave men who fought and died on the side of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War in the 1800’s. That protection includes seeing to it that their bodies are not dug up from their current graves and that their statues are not torn down or removed from public view.

These people are trying to explain that the Confederate battle flag does not currently represent racism or a division of people groups in this country. In fact, there are people of all races involved in this movement. But the flag, to them, represents their own heritage and history –and it honors their forefathers, who fought for what they believed America should represent. The Confederacy’s desire to protect the states’ rights against what they saw as a too-powerful and unfair centralized government was very similar to the desire of the original thirteen colonies as they fought to protect themselves from a too-powerful and unfair ruler across the Atlantic.

Some of the states’ rights the Confederacy fought for were moral and just, and some, to be sure, were quite immoral — specifically the right to own slaves.  (I think it’s worth adding here, however,  that the vast majority of Confederate soldiers who fought that war had never owned slaves in their lives.)  But the point is that they fought that war as Americans — who believed in a nation that was different from the nation the North (the Union) wanted and fought for.  Recognizing that fact, after the war, the United States government acknowledged every Confederate soldier as an American veteran — and has continued to honor those solders as such. The people whose forefathers were among those veterans have a right to fly the battle flag their ancestors fought under, and the constitution of the United States — specifically the Bill of Rights — guarantees them that right as part of their free speech.

Personally, when I see the stand the people at “Dukes of Hillsboro” are taking, I thank God we still have a few people in this nation with some backbone. We’ve almost come to the place where every citizen in this nation has the right to fly whatever flag he wants to fly — except one. Why, even Nazi supporters can fly and carry the Nazi flag all over the place, yet we have some government officials and several hundred other idiots now trying to tell us the people whose heritage includes having fought in the Civil War on the Confederate side do not have the right to fly the flag their forefathers carried bravely into battle.

Moreover, virtually every business that ever sold any items that even hint at being connected with Confederate history or that flag are banning all of those items and their use. There is no excuse for such attitudes or actions, and it’s clear to me — and anyone else with half a brain — that this whole “anti-confederate” movement is nothing but fools leading fools. (It’s the same kind of idiocy that has been displayed in the attempt to re-write Mark Twain’s book Huckleberry Finn to remove all references to racism, and the almost total ban in this country on the showing of Walt Disney’s  movie Song of the South.) We are not helping ourselves by trying to pretend these things are not part of our history. And as part of our history, they are part of us. Some of them, at times, may represent our baser selves, but they also remind us of how much we’ve changed and grown into something better.

As I mentioned in the introduction to this piece, the men who fought in the army of The Confederate States of America are — by law — identified as American veterans. But the point obviously needs to be made over and over in this country in order to beat it into the hard heads of these trouble-makers. The Confederate soldiers were fighting for what they believed America should be — but it was the vision of an America that differed from the vision the Union held. Nevertheless, their ardor and their efforts were genuine, and they committed themselves to pay whatever price it took to try to build that kind of nation instead of the one they believed had betrayed them.

As a result, to this present day, our United States government acknowledges them and honors them as veterans. And now we have some mentally twisted baboons who want to dig up the bodies of these American veterans and move them — and remove every statue of them off any public property. I can’t help but ask: would these baboons be just as willing for their own veteran forefathers’ bodies to be dug up and treated so inhumanely?

The whole attitude is insane. The flag — and the statues of Confederate leaders — have nothing — nothing — to do with racism today. They have to do with our history as a nation and, to a great extent, with heritage. But let’s be honest here: Even if they did have to do with racist ideas — we do still have freedom of speech guaranteed to us by the constitution of this nation. I don’t agree with racially prejudiced speakers, but I will defend to the death their right to say what they believe because I want the right to say what I believe.

Tell me: How much more racist can you get than the Nazi’s who tortured, mutilated, butchered, and murdered tens of thousands of people in an effort to destroy a whole race? Now that, my friend, is pure racism. Yet we allow citizens to fly and carry the Nazi flag whenever they want to — because we call it “freedom of speech.”

And why all this frenzy over the Confederate flag just because some lunatic who shot and killed people in South Carolina was seen in a picture that included a Confederate flag and a gun. What if he had been seen in a Batman uniform with a gun. Would we then have this almost maniacal movement to ban everything connected with Batman?  I don’t think so. And what if he had been pictured with a Nazi flag and a gun?  Would we make laws banning all Nazi flags from being flown and carried in the U.S.  Again, I don’t think so. Something else is at work here.

One news report described the behavior of the chancellor of the University of Missouri, who went berserk when he saw an old picture of some fraternity students holding three flags — the U. S. flag, the Confederate flag, and their own football mascot flag. First he insisted that none of the students in the picture were students from that university. He has now — according to the news story — publicly proclaimed that he will hunt down and investigate every student who was in the picture — which was taken at least three years ago at some fraternity activity.  Heaven help those students. I hope they have all graduated and moved far enough away he can’t find them, because it sounds a little like the Salem witch hunts to me.   Insanity.

But I find myself asking a rather unusual question in the midst of all this hullabaloo. Why would our government officials want to allow Nazi flags to be flapped around, but not Confederate flags? Could it be — now I’m not saying that it is — but you have to admit that it’s a valid question to ask — could it be that the Nazi flags don’t pose the threat to the super liberal centralized government that has taken over the Unites States in the last decade?  Could it be that the Nazi flag — being much more akin to the socialistic, central-government- controlled system that the liberals want — doesn’t frighten the “big-brother” regime that has managed to usurp power to an unconstitutional degree?

And could it be that the Confederate flag — on the other hand — represents the strong belief in states’ rights that were originally so carefully guarded and protected by the careful wording of our constitution — and also represents the willingness of a people to stand up and fight with everything in them to protect those rights and all their other freedoms?

And could it be that such a symbol does pose a threat to that socialistic regime, because it reminds people that it is possible to unite thousands of citizens to fight for their rights by taking on the centralized government that has become their enemy? And could that threat be part of what’s behind this insane move to try to wipe out everything that reminds people that there once was a group of citizens committed enough to take that stand?

I’ve already stated that some of the states’ rights the Confederate states fought for were moral and just, but some were very immoral — specifically the right to own slaves.  But the states’ rights that are being stolen away today — by the socialistic regime that has currently taken control in Washington D.C. — are not in any way connected with immoral actions.

Today, the rights we want to protect have totally moral and just foundations:  We want to safeguard the right of every state to protect its borders, the right of every state to refuse the legalization of abortions, the right of every state to refuse the legalization of gay marriage, the right of every state to refuse to allow the presence of multiplied mosques that represent and propagate a religion that butchers all people who stand against it, and the right of every state to protect the individual rights of her hard-working, innocent businessmen to decide with whom they want to do business.

Quite frankly, right now, when I look at the Confederate flag, I find within my soul a tiny flicker of hope that, just maybe, there will be some of us brave enough to take a stand again — and to do whatever it takes to reclaim the rights of our individual states.  In the eyes of some, that makes me a rebel. And maybe I am. But I’ll gladly wear that label if it identifies me as a U.S. citizen who is grateful enough for the blood-bought freedom this nation has always stood for — grateful enough to be willing to fight every enemy — foreign or domestic — that would destroy that freedom.

It’s time we got real, folks. It’s time we grew up and stopped standing around sucking our thumbs while our nation crumbles around us. It’s time for us to once again stand up for what is right and just in this land. We must stand up for the rights of these people who simply want equal “freedom of speech” rights concerning a flag that means something to them.

Perhaps you don’t agree with people flying the Confederate flag. Well, the wonderful thing about living in this country is that you have total freedom — you have the guaranteed right — to disagree with them and even say so publicly.  And you can do that.  But while you’re disagreeing with them, take a stand to defend their right to fly that flag you don’t agree with. If you do not stand up for their rights now — look out — because some specific rights that you care about will be taken away next!


Dukes of Hillsboro Website

America’s Fail-Safe Document

CONSTITUTION & FLAG - CALIF STATE UNIV.Each year, during the month of September – although very few actually celebrate the fact anymore – citizens of this nation are at least reminded that they are living in a land of freedom that owes its security and continuation of government to one incomparable document: the “Constitution of the United States of America.” While it is true that without another incomparable document, the “Declaration of Independence,” there would be no need for the “Constitution,” it is even more true that without the “U. S. Constitution,” all of the ideals inherent in the “Declaration” and realized by the Revolutionary War would have died within one generation.

I often find myself wondering, when I think about both of those documents – and especially each time I peruse them – if all of those courageously radical men who created and signed the same were simply ordinary men who just wanted to be free themselves and to insure that their own wives, children, grandchildren, and property would be free from the control of some tyrannical monarch who lived across the ocean. Was that their mindset, or DID THEY KNOW?

Did they, somehow, by God’s grace, realize that they were forging, not only a new nation, but an entirely new paradigm? Did they have any concept that they were literally creating, not just documents for their own protection, but the very foundation of a radically unique government – a government of the people, by the people, and for the people to a degree that no one on the planet had previously experienced? Did they have any inkling, when they ratified that constitution, that they were literally birthing onto the earth a form of government that would not only live, but would continually regenerate itself, growing stronger from generation to generation, until it became, not only the under-girding of the lives of the millions who would call themselves Americans, but also the beacon of hope for the rest of the world: the hope that men and women of consecration could truly govern themselves successfully throughout all their succeeding generations?

We are privileged to have words penned by a very few of those men that would indicate that they knew these measures would reach far beyond their lifetimes. But I believe that the vast majority of the rest of them knew as well. And I believe that for many, it was that knowing that made them feel the pressing need to take such a radical and heroic stand. I believe those men firmly believed that the sons and daughters of scores of succeeding generations would receive the conception of that seed of freedom, that they would comprehend its price, and that they would also comprehend the exceedingly heavy weight of responsibility that accompanies it. And as I meditate on those men, and their faithful wives and families who stood with them, I am filled with such gratitude that every time, without fail, it spills forth in tears and prayers of thanksgiving.

Oh, I know there are those in our own nation who say our Constitution does not work – that it is not, in reality, a plausible foundation for government of a nation. They believe our constitution should be replaced with “more enlightened” socialistic and communistic regimes. They sit at computer terminals writing long, “politically correct” treatises from which they hope to amass financial gain; they stand in front of cameras at liberal campaign rallies; and perhaps most frightening of all, they stand behind podiums in our institutions of higher learning, posing as “thinking” men and women. Fools, all of them! Because it is that very constitution upon which they cast aspersions that gives them the privilege, nay, the legal right, to make those statements. If that constitution were not indeed a practical, workable, and successful foundation for government, they would have no such rights.

It is the very words of that blessed document that provided the vehicle through which the ideals of liberty and justice for all could be conveyed to the mind, and then on into the actions of the human race. It is those very words, once written and embraced, that gave birth to those concepts in a tangible, workable, and self-preserving formula which can be understood and followed from generation to generation to generation. Indeed, it is the very document that they malign – “The Constitution of the United States” – that protects and preserves each one of those fools in their irresponsible, subversive, and often even malicious endeavors to destroy the credibility of that sacred document, or to bury it alive if possible.

For without the words of the “U. S. Constitution,” and the multitude of laws that issue from it, each and every one of those radical fools would be rotting away in a prison cell for speaking out against the government of the nation in which they live and enjoy prosperity. Were they in any nation without that document – or one extraordinarily similar – they would fear to speak out as they do in this nation. And if this constitution and those who live by it had not repeatedly confronted and defeated the multiple forces of totalitarianism — if monsters like Hitler and Saddam Hussein had not felt the death-dealing blows of the sword of the “Constitution of the United States” — all those poor, politically correct “thinking” men and women would be living out their lives in the same misery as all the other citizens of those so-called “enlightened” governments —- all those miserable millions of people who are crowding our shores and pressing to get into the safe borders of the nation that has established the treatment of its people on nothing less that the foundation of its “Constitution.”

So let them continue to pose: these intellectual beggars. Let them continue in their childish efforts to defame and tear down our “Constitution” and its prescription for government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Because, to borrow the apt description provided by St. Paul the Apostle, their words are nothing more than “sounding brass or tinkling cymbal.” And those words will continue to fall to the ground to be trampled underfoot by the simple, ordinary, every-day citizens of this nation who are still being governed successfully and securely by the powerful, creative, God-ordained words of the “Constitution of the United States of America.”

My tears of gratitude are spilling over, and I hope, Dear Reader, that yours are too.


© Sandra Conner 2011