Friday Fictioneers – 5/9/14 – ‘Treasures from the Sea?’



Happy Day – I am getting an opportunity to play with my friends at Friday Fictioneers once again. If you’d like to take part and write a 100-word story based on the picture below, hop over and check out the details of taking part.

This week’s photo is courtesy of B. W. Beacham

My story is below the photo.


the-tide-is-out-copyright-bw-beachamTREASURES FROM THE SEA?


Ben looked at his crude calendar: June, 2020. His mind still reeled at the catastrophic results of a nuclear e-bomb war: Thousands dead from radiation. The world’s electronics and technology gone. All life-sustaining medical equipment paralyzed. Manufacture and transportation of food impossible. Law-enforcement non-existent. Communication limited to people killing each other for a bottle of water.

Surprised they were still alive after the strikes, he and Cassie had jumped into their sailboat and let the wind carry them. Weeks later, they’d beached on this uninhabited island. No contact with any kind of civilization for six years now – until today – when the shopping cart washed up onto the beach.