Two Valentine Sketches

These are a little shadowy in places because they are in a sketch book, and I can’t close the scanner lid all the way when I scan them into the computer. Sorry about that. But I sketched them for today, and I’m posting them as my Valentine cards for all my readers. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!Continue reading “Two Valentine Sketches”

Too Old For a Valentine???

  “Please, won’t you be my valentine?” That’s the slogan on my sign As up and down the street I trudge, But can’t get any hearts to budge. It could be I’m too blatantly Begging someone to love me. Perhaps if I were less profuse The guys would then be less obtuse. But when you’reContinue reading “Too Old For a Valentine???”

It’s February – and Time for a Great Love Story

VALENTINE SPECIAL:  February 1 — February 14  E-Book: $1.99 Paperback: $7.99 What do the Biblical story of Ruth and the 21st-century novel, Jonah’s Song, have in common? Well you’ll have to read both stories to find out. Of course most people know the basic story of Ruth, so that leaves just one story left toContinue reading “It’s February – and Time for a Great Love Story”


` I can’t help it. I just HAVE to revisit my “Irreverent Valentine Sentiments” from three years ago.   IRREVERENT VALENTINE SENTIMENT # 1   ~ IRREVERENT VALENTINE SENTIMENT # 2 “Baby, I ain’t askin’ much of you. Just a big-a, big-a hunk of love will do.” Never sing these words aloud when standing outContinue reading “IRREVERENT VALENTINE SENTIMENTS ~ RE-RUN”

Six-Word Saturday – 2/13/16

Valentine Candy’s Half Price Next Week! ~ Original Six-Word Saturday Hostess (This three-week, 7-days-a-week word challenge has been fun. Lee over at Birdwatching Adventures Plus tempted me to go another week or two on it, but I think my schedule is pressed enough without committing myself to a longer period. However, I think she’s goingContinue reading “Six-Word Saturday – 2/13/16”

Valentine Cinquain

Would you Want to be mine? I need a Valentine. It’s lonely in this cold, hard world. Would you? * Love waits. It’s not pushy. It just loves — with patience — And gives both time and space for love To grow. * Ah … well … ‘Tis sad indeed: The one I love’s in love. ButContinue reading “Valentine Cinquain”

Digging Through My ‘Love’ Archive

It’s Valentine’s week, so I thought it was time to make another visit to my archives. This time I sifted through all the ordinary stuff and dug around until I found the posts that had something to say about LOVE.  I found bunches of them, but I chose 14 of my favorites to share oneContinue reading “Digging Through My ‘Love’ Archive”

Revisiting my “Irreverent Valentine Sentiments”

` Now, I will admit that sometimes this thing we call romantic love can get downright sloppy — right? (Refer to picture above).  But let’s face it: This old world would be a sad, empty, dark place without it. So here’s to celebrating the “Love Holiday” once more. And in honor of that celebration, IContinue reading “Revisiting my “Irreverent Valentine Sentiments””

What? Valentine’s Day Just Around the Corner???

Oh my word!!!  Look at that calendar.  Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and here I am without a valentine to call my own. The truth is that I’d like to fall in love again, but I’m just not sure I want to have to deal with all the responsibility that comes with it.Continue reading “What? Valentine’s Day Just Around the Corner???”