Velvet Verbosity # 371 — The Call




I’m sitting here, watching water splash from paddle to paddle on the old wheel. Granddad built this mill 100 years ago. With its massive grindstones, he and Gramma ground almost every kind of grain a man could grow.

Ain’t nothin’ more satisfyin’ than seein’ that grain turn into flour to feed the families in these hills,” Granddad said – almost every day.

When Uncle Henry inherited it, he swore he’d keep it going as long as he lived.

We buried him this afternoon, and the old grindstones came to a halt.

They’ve earned their rest.  But their silence beckons me inside ….


This week’s Velvet Verbosity challenge is to write a 100-word story based on the word “Mill.” Visit the site to meet the creator and host of the challenge and learn the rules.