WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

I have a good friend who is a professional photographer, but he likes to experiment with computer graphics as well.  The picture below is one of his original computer creations, and I think it fits this week’s challenge nicely.    

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

I took this photo while riding with my sister as she took her very first flying lesson.  I went along, carrying my camera and two of hers, in order to document the event for posterity. Although flying in large jets does not make me dizzy at all, flying in this tiny three-seater put my headContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

This photo is of my grandfather on my mother’s side. His name was Elmer, and he was truly a “free spirit.” Sometimes he could be short and cantankerous, and I’ll have to say he did not get along with everyone as well as he did with me, but I loved him and his unique personality.Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

For this week’s challenge, I decided to share a few more photos from Rocky Ridge Refuge in Arkansas, U. S. A.  They do such wonderful work with all kinds of animals in trouble.  You can visit their website here: http://rockyridgerefuge.com. I call this slideshow  “Community Dreaming”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

Moving Forward and Clearing the Hurdles You will see in this exceptional photo that the horse is literally flying over this double hurdle with a measurable amount of clearance. A particularly difficult feat, and a beautiful sight to behold. I was inspired to see in this photo the meeting of a challenge in a quote from a womanContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

I was so touched by this Apache Wedding Blessing when a friend shared it with me.  He is the former president of the Four Winds Intertribal Society, Inc. in the U. S. and travels the country teaching Native American history and culture. I thought it was appropriate for this week’s challenge, since it so accuratelyContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Close”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

When I think of “hands,” one  of the first things that comes to mind is the cover of my book Healing Is For You!  The artwork for the front cover, reminiscent of the theme immortalised by Michaelangelo, is actually a portion of an original work by artist David Davis (House of David, Christopher, Illinois.) SinceContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands”