‘Releasing the Creative Writer in You’ – Lesson 2

To access other lessons in this series, click on “Creative Writing Class” in the navigation bar and scroll through to find the lessons you need.   LESSON # 2: IN THE BEGINNING Introductory Thoughts, Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, And Fun Ideas to Get You Started ` QUESTION: Where Do Good Writing Ideas Come From?Continue reading “‘Releasing the Creative Writer in You’ – Lesson 2”

How the Quiver Got Its Arrows: The Writing of a Novel

Well, it all started one night when I was bored with every story/novel/poem I’d been working on over the past several months. I wasn’t suffering from that somewhat vague malady known as “writer’s block.” No – I was just bored. I couldn’t seem to make myself work on any one piece that was currently underContinue reading “How the Quiver Got Its Arrows: The Writing of a Novel”

The Hodge-Podge Writing Challenge

What is a “hodge-podge”?  According to the dictionary, it is a mixture of dissimilar ingredients.  So let’s mix up some dissimilar things today and write about them. Here’s your challenge: Choose a book — any book, as long as it has at least 100 pages. Pick up a pencil or pen. (If you’re using aContinue reading “The Hodge-Podge Writing Challenge”