When Violets Aren’t Violet

Roses are red; Violets are ———- purple! Doesn’t it bother anyone that numerous poets for centuries have painted those innocent little violets blue?  Of course, I know that there are, indeed, some strains of violets that are more blue — and even some that are pink and white. But I have to believe that theyContinue reading “When Violets Aren’t Violet”

Cinquain: Just Do It

Written in response to a couple friends of mine who have said for almost a year that they’ve thought about trying to write cinquain, but they won’t even make a start. They find it fascinating, but seem to be afraid of it. They have this false idea that because they need to count syllables, theyContinue reading “Cinquain: Just Do It”

Oooops, NaPoWriMo Slipped Up On Me

  A Poet Must Do What a Poet Must Do I’m not ready for NaPoWriMo. I should create some kind of verse. And I’d better get onto it pronto: It’s already April the first. A poem with some kind of meaning Is not always easy to write. So I’ll just have to settle for somethingContinue reading “Oooops, NaPoWriMo Slipped Up On Me”

‘Now, Students,’ said the teacher, ‘I’ll Tell You What This Poem Really Means’

  Oh, that I were a poet. I would share thoughts so sublime. I’d create lovely images, In meter and in rhyme. I’d delve my inmost being And discover truths so pure. Then I’d carefully release them Into words that would endure. Oh, that I were a poet – Not just one who writes inContinue reading “‘Now, Students,’ said the teacher, ‘I’ll Tell You What This Poem Really Means’”

Writing Rule # 1: Use Your Own Voice

Every writer, whether he’s having his say in prose or poetry, needs to follow the most important rule of successful writing: BE TRUE TO YOURSELF. If you spend your writing energy trying to be like some other author or poet – or trying to please people who do not see life the way you doContinue reading “Writing Rule # 1: Use Your Own Voice”