Friday Fictioneers – June 6, 2013 — ‘Fable Abel’



Hello!” Dickey Hendricks greeted the curious animal in the forest.


Boy, you’re funny looking!  Who are you?”

I’m Fable Abel.”

Who’s that?”

The main character in a fable about just being yourself.”

Tell me.”

Well, my author created me to be a zebra. He gave me these hind legs. But then I saw a tiger and insisted on becoming a tiger instead. But when I saw a giraffe, I begged my author to make me a giraffe. But just as he was drawing my head, I saw an elephant and shouted, ‘No, I want to be an elephant with a looooong trunk!’”

Oh my!  So what are you now?”

A lesson for boys and girls like you.”



( I confess I’m 19 words over, but I like it the way it is, so I’m posting it anyway.)

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