Weekly Photo Challenge: ‘Down’

I took this photo while riding with my sister as she took her very first flying lesson.  I went along, carrying my camera and two of hers, in order to document the event for posterity. Although flying in large jets does not make me dizzy at all, flying in this tiny three-seater put my head on a merry-go-round. The only time I could keep it settled was when I looked down, so I concentrated on taking a lot of pictures of the ground. This photo is my favorite.  It is a section of my home town, and when I enlarge it, I can actually pick out my house.

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: ‘Down’

    1. If I had spent any significant time thinking about it, I might have talked myself out of it. We had thought that I would have to take all pictures from the ground, and I was just going to try to cover as much as I could. But just before going out the door on the way to the plane, the pilot turned to me and said, “Would you like to go up with her?” No time for reasoning. It just seemed like too important an opportunity to pass up, so I said yes and followed them to the plane.

    1. Yes, it was an added surprise. I hadn’t realized our exact location at the time I snapped the photo.
      You have some wonderful photos on your site as well. I see you enjoy taking pictures of interesting creatures. You might like the blog “Lee’s Birdwatching Adventures” as well. It’s also a WordPress blog and has tons of great photos of birds from all over the world. You can find it at leesbird.com.
      Thanks for taking the time to look at my photo and commenting.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at the photo and comment. Yes, finding my house was sort of a surprise added blessing. I hadn’t realized our exact location when I snapped the photo. (As I said, due to the dizziness, I was just snapping lots of pictures since I had to keep looking down anyway.) My sister is my only sibling, and we have always been close. I felt privileged that I had an opportunity to take part in her great adventure.

      I visited your site briefly. Your photos of the graves at Jerusalem are interesting. I have such a love for the Jewish people and the heritage we have received from them. I will come back and read more on your site as soon as I have more time.
      Blessings. Sandra.

  1. Thanks for the comment, Sandra. I love this new feature on WordPress that allows you to know when someone comments on your comment. 🙂

    In 2009 I went with folks from my church to teach English for 2 weeks in Jordan. We also took a side trip to Jerusalem. I am finally posting my pictures. I did a lot of posting on Facebook as it was happening. I also share your interest/love in Judaism (people and culture).

    1. Thank you, Arindam. And thank you for taking the time to comment on it. I like it a lot myself. I hopped over to your site as well, and I went onto your photography page. Your pictures are terrific. I especially liked the one you called “Stars on the Earth.” It reminds me a lot of a photo of Chennai, India, that my nephew took when he was there doing research for six months this past year. Where is the city in your photo? Everything is so colorful.

  2. Nice shot Sandra – I’m assuming you were in a Cessna 172. I hope your sister has continued her lessons and that she will be able to take you flying again in the future when she has her license. Don’t worry, I think you’ll get over that dizziness if you don’t suffer from it in airliners 🙂

    1. Many of her plans were interrupted due to her husband’s serious illness and ultimate death. But, knowing he is with the Lord, she has risen up and refused to let herself be pressed down by grief. A few months ago she fulfilled a life-long dream of visiting Paris, even though she had to do it alone, and she had a marvelous time. She is determined to fulfill some more of her dreams, so I’m sure she will get back to the flying. (I don’t remember what the pilot said the name of the plane was, but with your past experience, you are probably right. It was definitely SMALL).
      Thanks for stopping by.

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