Playing Tag with the Moon and Trees

I couldn’t resist that full moon tonight, so for about an hour I played camera tag with the moon and the trees.  I’ve generally not had much success with photos of the moon with my very old digital camera, but some of these weren’t too bad. The slide show shares the best 6 of the shots.  It was interesting to see how everything changed as the sky grew darker and I captured the moon through different trees.


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10 thoughts on “Playing Tag with the Moon and Trees

    1. I was pretty proud of the first three. They are some of the best photos I’ve gotten of the moon. For some reason, shooting at that angle causes me to not hold still as well, and the ones I have to delete far outnumber the ones I can keep. But I’m going to keep trying whenever I see something this beautiful. Thanks for the compliment.

    1. Me too. Just can’t seem to not grab my camera and at lest TRY when I see that full moon. I usually have to delete more than I keep, but if I keep at it, maybe that ratio will change. Thanks for the compliment.

  1. the full moon has always been a beautiful mystery to me and how it tugs on our thoughts…

    thanks for sharing your photography…
    David in Maine USA

    1. Yes, I cannot see a full moon and fail to stop still and gaze at it — and thank God for creating it, as well as giving me the faculties to see it and appreciate it.

  2. It looks like you were using an automatic analogue or digital camera. If you ever want to photograph the moon and inclode its features, use an SLR or these days a DSLR.

    Try these exposure settings:

    Full moon – 1/125, f/11 @ ISO 50 – 100;
    Full moonlit landscapes – 4min, f/4 @ ISO 50 – 100
    Full moonlit landscapes – 2min, f/4 @ ISO 125 – 200
    Full moonlit landscapes – 8-30secs, f/2-f/2.8 @ ISO 250-400

    Happy moon-shooting!

    1. Thanks for the advice. I’ll write it down, and if I can ever get a better camera, I’ll try it. Right now all I have to work with is a very old Toshiba digital, which has been dropped twice and still takes decent pictures only by the grace of God. I’ve also wondered if I should try to use a tripod for my moon pictures, because it just seems that when I have to hold that camera all they way up over my head and then focus on one object in a completely black sky, my hand just doesn’t want to hold still. I haven’t invested much in cameras (well, right now I don’t have anything that I can invest), mainly because I’ve always concentrated on writing — my job was always the text for books and newspaper articles, etc. But the past couple years, I’ve taken on assignments where I did the photos as well, and I’ve gotten really interested in that part now. And since I do graphic art for a small publishing company (book covers, website, greeting cards, etc.), I find that side of the work interests me almost as much as the writing.

      Thanks again for the advice. I really like your work, so I would not hesitate to take all the advice you give.

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