‘The Day I Forgot To Hate’ – a short story by Ted Pavloff

A wonderful story to celebrate Memorial Day and all of the soldiers who sacrificed for us. I congratulate Ted on his creativity and talent for taking personal experiences during WWII and turning them into enjoyable stories. I hope he does many more.

A Walk In The Word

(In honor of Memorial Day, I am sharing another of my veteran’s short stories.  This story, like “The Day I Forgot To Hate,” is fictitious, as are the characters, but it is based loosely on some of my own experiences as a Marine during World War II.)

It should have been another ordinary day at the Cole farm, but the conventional pattern of activity was abruptly altered when the letter arrived. In effect, a new day was born and Cynthia was making the most of it with an explosive brand of excitement that seemed especially reserved for such an occasion.

Ben, her husband, suddenly found himself being recklessly danced around the simple but spacious kitchen. He did not resist.

Just think,” Cynthia gleefully exclaimed. “Just think!” Isn’t it wonderful? It’s…it’s unbelievable!’

She released her encircling grasp around Ben’s waist, raised to tiptoe and kissed his tanned cheek. Any…

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