Longing For Them Now

A poem by Sandra Conner

Bright flashes of blissful moments,
Fluttering pages of Christmas memories.
Drifting through my mind.
Pages of memories of childhood beam
With living, expectant Christmas dreams.
Longing for them now.

Remembering how each page was able to ignite
My imagination, which brought each one to life.

Oh happy, happy days!
Bright daydreams & wishes,
Make-believing magic,
Found within the pages –
The Christmas catalogs.

~ ~ ~

(Visit this link and get lost in the hundreds of pages of nostalgic Christmas catalogs that span a period of 6 decades.





3 thoughts on “Longing For Them Now

    1. Not by any stretch of the imagination. It’s still my favorite time of year, but nowdays the Christmases are a little bittersweet for me — mainly because I’m so aware of what they have been and should still be even now.
      Thanks for all the likes today. It gave my day (at the end of a rather disappointing week) a bright start.

  1. Just beautiful. In a way it is a mixture of joy and sadness of having to relive and remember memories that brought us happiness, love and hope. I remember as a child how exciting Christmas used to feel. The joy in my heart knowing I am surrounded by a family that loves me. Today, I see the same brilliance through my son’s eyes. Thanks for sharing this post.

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