WP Daily Prompt: Breaking the Law

Lawbreaker, 2nd Grade

It was during the first few weeks of second grade.  I remember it well.  It’s not that I haven’t broken the law since then, of course, but when I read the words to today’s prompt, this was the incident that came to my mind.

I was always a good student. And prided myself on being obedient as well. But one bright, sunny day, when all feelings were running free and easy, several other classmates and I returned to our classroom right after eating lunch. We had intended to get some things from our desks and go on outside to play, but, for some reason, we just started running around and playing tag right there in the room. Before we knew it, we were running at pretty full speed and evidently making a good deal of noise, because one of the teachers stepped into the classroom and called us to order in no uncertain terms.

Oh, the chagrin!   I had been caught disobeying the rules!  I just did not do such things!  How could I stand it?  But those feelings were quickly shifted to the back burner when she commanded each one of us to go to the chalk board at the front of the room and write our names on it so that when our own teacher returned from lunch, she would know exactly where to dispense punishment.

I didn’t even try to imagine what the punishment might be, because it didn’t matter to me at all.  I was already being punished in the worst way possible by being forced to write my name on that board — because I knew that my boyfriend, Joey, would see it when he came in from recess — and that was the worst shame I could imagine bearing!

But I was an intelligent little lawbreaker, and I had been so anxious to learn to read and write in my earliest years that I had taught myself to write in cursive even before starting school.  None of my classmates had learned cursive yet, so I came up with the bright idea that if I wrote my name on the board in cursive, Joey would not be able to read it. Of course, having broken one law already, I did not want to be caught again, so I dutifully asked permission of the attending teacher to write in cursive. 

I still worried that Joey just might be able to read cursive after all, but finally decided that I had done all I could do about avoiding the shame. So I obediently removed myself to the playground for the rest of the noon recess, and when we returned, we received a fairly light lecture from our own teacher. 

I never did learn if Joey deciphered my name. If he did, he was gallant enough to never bring it to my attention. Of course, at the end of that school year, my family and I moved to another state. So I can’t really say for sure if breaking the law interfered with my chance for a happy future with Joey or not.

4 thoughts on “WP Daily Prompt: Breaking the Law

  1. Every now and then , we break rules, atleast I did. I tend to follow rules well but sometimes I’m not aware that I already did something wrong like a warning of 5mph speeding. 5 miles only? The cop only stopped me when a few were running faster than I did. Not fair but hey, life’s never fair in reality. Great post!

    1. Hey, Gilly, after your comment I went back and looked at this and realized that the first paragraph had been deleted. It’s strange, because where it came up on my Facebook page, the words are there, but on this site, they are not. Anyway, in the first paragraph I do admit that there’s a possibility I have broken a law since that day. Of course, I really do think the only thing I’ve done that is actually illegal is going over the speed limit a few times. I’m boring most of the time — but legal.

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