‘Sarge, Will You Tell Us About God?’ – The Story of God’s Miraculous Protection of an Entire U. S. Marine Unit

This post is the true story of my dad’s miraculous experiences of God’s protection during World War II.



A Walk In The Word

DADMARINEJPG - ED.In celebration of Memorial Day, I am re-posting this story. I have several new readers and followers who were not with me when I originally posted “Sarge, Will You Tell Us About God,” and a number of Marine veterans have now discovered that the book is available. So I’d like to share the story again in the hope that many more people may be blessed by what the Lord did for an entire Marine unit during World War II.

The story itself makes up a small book, published by St. Ellen Press and is available on their website as well. Although it’s my story, and that of the other 321 men in my squadron, it is primarily HIS story.

In the past few years I have shared free copies of the book with hundreds of soldiers who were in the midst of horrible combat overseas. In response, I have received…

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3 thoughts on “‘Sarge, Will You Tell Us About God?’ – The Story of God’s Miraculous Protection of an Entire U. S. Marine Unit

      1. Oh, that’s great. Thank you. He really wants as many people to have the story as possible, especially if they have loved ones in service right now.

        One night, Dad was watching one of the major Christian TV networks, and they had a guest minister on there who had just come back from Iraq. (This was about 3 years ago.) As they interviewed him, he started telling them about meeting so many soldiers over there who had a book that told the story of God’s miraculous protection of an American Marine unit during W W II. He was all excited about the story itself and shared some of it on TV, but he never mentioned Dad’s name. Probably had forgotten it. But we sent loads of books over there to the guys in Iraq. In fact, we sent the regular book, and then our church also re-did it in more of a pamphlet form so that it was lighter weight and sent a couple thousand more that way.

        It was kind of exciting for Dad to hear someone talk about it on national television — even if he didn’t hear his name mentioned. He mainly wanted the Lord to get credit for what He had done — and He did.

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