Feelin’ Old When You Look in the Mirror?

SMILEY - SAD FACE - BLUE(I originally posted this short article a little over a year ago, but since we keep getting older, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to have a little reminder along about now.)

When Moses was 120, he had just led close to 3 million people out of Egyptian bondage to a land of freedom, but his eyes were not weak, nor was his strength abated; when Caleb was 85, he waged successful warfare against the Anakim to take possession of Mt. Hebron as his own property in the land of Canaan; when Grandma Moses was 100, she was still painting (and getting paid for) the pictures that made her famous; when Eamon de Valera was 91, he had led Ireland in its fight for independence and was still serving as her president; and when Winston Churchill was 82, he wrote the 4-volume “History of the English-Speaking People.” So what’s a few wrinkles got to do with anything?



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