Tell Me A Story Writing Challenge – Week 1 – Through Geoffrey’s Window

I’m running late with my own story from last week’s “Tell Me A Story” challenge. I had started it about mid-week, but got so busy I couldn’t get it finished until today. But I’m posting it anyway. Here’s the intriguing photo prompt, courtesy of Robert Mielke — over at Northwest  Photographer:


Through Geoffrey’s Window

“Oh, look!” Sally called out to her brother as she ran toward the odd wooden door that had a window with a giraffe painted on it. Jackie followed more slowly.

“That’s sure a funny-lookin’ door. It isn’t hooked to any walls.” His eyes searched the area on either side of the door. “And, look … there’s nothing behind it either!”

“But it has a pretty window,” Sally answered.

By that time, they both stood before the door, staring up at the picture of a giraffe in the window. Suddenly the giraffe spoke: “Hello, there.”

The children sucked in their breath at the same time and looked at each other with eyes made huge by the shock.

“Did you hear that?” Jackie asked.

Sally nodded and turned back toward the window. “Did you say something, Mr. Giraffe?”

“Yes, I did. I said Hello.”

“Oooh, Helloooo!” Sally said. “We didn’t know you were real.”

“Well, I’m not real to everybody, of course.”

“You’re not?”

“No, no. In fact, most people just pass right on by and never even stop to look at me, so I remain just a picture to them”

“Then why are you real for us?” Jackie asked, skepticism in his young voice.

“Because you believe in make believe,” the giraffe replied.

“May we come in?” Sally asked.

“Don’t be silly, Sally,” Jackie said, taking hold of her arm. “There’s nothing behind the door.”

“I’m back here,” said the giraffe.

Sally reached up and turned the knob slowly.

~ years later ~

Suddenly jolted out of her reverie by the phone on her desk, Sally jumped. She had been reminiscing again. She smiled. She did love to remember how it had all started some twenty years ago. She picked up the receiver. “Hello.”

“Hey, sis, how’s it going?”

“Great. Just finished the 10th book in the series.”

Jackie laughed on the other end of the line. “I just can’t get over it, Sis. Who would have thought your turning that doorknob to step into Geoffrey Giraffe’s world would have landed you nine best-selling children’s books.”

“Well, Geoffrey was so grateful, you know. He had lived in there for so many years with no one believing, and was so lonely for friends.”

“He certainly found a faithful one in you. And your Through Geoffrey’s Window series has made him famous.”

“Yes. And now thousands of children believe. It’s about time I went back for another visit. I’ll read him this new story, and I know he’ll love it.”


To join in the fun, you can follow this link to the original challenge post:




7 thoughts on “Tell Me A Story Writing Challenge – Week 1 – Through Geoffrey’s Window

  1. Hey Sandra this is brilliant and love the name of the giraffe.. the story is so fantastical it could also really happen.. like mine yours could have a follow up… am honoured and thank you.. 😉

    1. Thanks for such a lovely comment. I got to thinking: Gilly used the same “B” word to describe one of my stories some time back, and I’m thinking I need to print out both her comment and this one from you — then frame them and hang them on my wall. That way, when I’m feeling low about my work, I can read them.

    1. I’m glad. When I first saw this picture on Bob Mielke’s site, I fell in love with it and felt absolutely compelled to write a story about it. It took a few weeks for it to gel enough to actually write it out, but I’ve loved it from the beginning.

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