We’ver reached the final day of BlogFestivus 2013.  Our Hostess is Blogdromedy, and she is also the creator of the lovely artwork that accompanies this challenge.

Today we offer our stories about Tiny Tim. You’ll find my story below the picture — and a list of other fascinating story tellers below the story itself. It’s been great fun, and we all hope you have enjoyed our own personal detours from Mr. Dickens’ original tale. (I also hope he does not mind what we’ve done to it.)

Happy BlogFestivus 2013


Excuse me, Mr. Alexander. You wanted to see me?”

Oh, yes, Christmas Past. I’ve called for Present and Future as well. Oh … here they are. Come in, gentlemen.”

Is there a problem, sir?”

(Heavy sigh.) “Indeed! Look here, through my Earthglass. Listen to this businessman dealing with a poor couple.”

Don’t blabber to me about Christmas! I’m foreclosing on your home today! And I’ll have your neighbor’s home by tomorrow morning!”

Please, Mr. Cratchit —”

“Silence! Enough begging. Go and pack!”

On Christmas Eve?”

Christmas! Bah! Humbug!”

Mr. Alexander … is that ….?”

Recognize him, Christmas Past?”

Not Tim Cratchit?”

Yes. Tiny Tim – 300 pounds past tiny now. Eats only fats and sugars. Too stingy to buy decent food.”

Is he why you’ve called us, sir?”

Yes, Future. Scrooge changed his ways; left the business to Cratchit, who left it to Tim. But human nature being what it is, greed always manages to seep back in. Now Tim’s become another Scrooge.”

You want us to visit him, Sir?”

Yes.  It will take all three of you again.  But greed has become so much worse in the world this century that I doubt you will succeed this time.  We can only hope.”


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