An Extraordinarily Accommodating Word


CONSTRUCT WORKER - NECK ONLYI got to thinking about the word “neck” yesterday, and I suddenly realized – for the first time in my life – what a useful little word it is. One would think that, as a writer, I should have realized the worth of this particular four-letter word before now, considering the fact that so many of our English words and phrases owe their existence to it. However, better late than never I’d say. So here is my belated tribute to an oh so common, but extraordinarily accommodating little word.

NECK: The Word & It’s Family

neck and neck

pain in the neck

necking like teenagers

don’t get your neck out of joint

don’t stick your neck out

I want to hug your neck

in this neck of the woods

hung by the neck until dead

traveling at break-neck speed



neck scarf




Great Neck, NY









2 thoughts on “An Extraordinarily Accommodating Word

  1. I was actually lying in bed this morning and thought of another phrase that relies on the word “neck” for its meaning, so I had to hop up and add it to my list.

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