Share Your World, 2014 – Week 42

“Getting to know you; getting to know all about you. Getting to like you; getting to hope you like me.”  (© Rodgers & Hammerstein).  This little song is what Cee’s Share Your World challenge is all about. To join in, just follow the link to her site and get the details.

ILLNOS05 - for share your worldHere’s my world this week:

Question # 1: What would be your preference: awake before dawn or awake before noon?

Well, to begin with, I am often awake before dawn, so, in a way, that makes the answer easier for me. I have found that being up early and getting started when the day is truly FRESH tends to make me feel more fresh and eager to fulfill the tasks that lie before me. It also gives me more time to spend with the Lord, getting my spirit and soul charged up for the action that lies ahead.

Question # 2: If you could choose between wisdom and luck, which one would you pick?

Well, again, this answer is very easy for me, because I endeavor to live my whole life based on the Word of God in the Bible. Since His Word says, “Wisdom is the principle thing,” and goes on to explain that all other good things come more easily when you operate in wisdom, I would definitely choose that. Besides that fact, I honestly do not believe there is any such thing as luck.

Question # 3: If you were given the opportunity for free sky-diving lessons, would you take them? Why or why not?

Okay — once more — a very easy answer: No, No, No, Never, No Way! To begin with, I hate flying and do as little of it as possible. Although I did go the extra mile when my sister went up for her first piloting lesson. I rode with her to take pictures and share the experience. Now, flying in a jet is a lousy experience for me, but flying in that little-bitty three-seater that was used for her lesson was another level of bad. I don’t get dizzy in jets, but I got super dizzy in that little excuse for a plane. I did finally figure out that if I looked down at the earth, the dizziness lifted, so I spent my time snapping lots and lots and lots of pictures of the earth below us.

But there is an even better reason for turning down skydiving. I have good friends — a husband and wife — who, when they lived in Florida, decided to go skydiving. The wife (Donna) was the one who really wanted to do it, so her husband (Roy) gave her the adventure as a birthday gift. Of course, she wanted him to share the experience, so he had to dive as well. Making a long story short, I will just tell you that when Roy landed, he broke his leg, and while sitting there in excruciating pain, waiting for the diver who was attached to him to unhook from Roy’s back and get help, Roy looked down and saw a Rattlesnake right between his legs.

Donna laughed about it; Roy survived; I learned a lesson: do not go skydiving.

Question # 4: Is the glass half empty or half full?  What is in the glass?

My glass is half-full for sure. And it’s full of milk.  I love milk. Now, that’s saying a lot when I tell you that about the first three months of my life, I was allergic to milk of almost every kind — mother’s milk, cow’s milk — even Similac, which was about the only substitute that was readily available back then. Naturally, I don’t remember the experience personally, but my parents told me that those first 2 or 3 months were super high stress.

However, the problem was solved before I was a year old (I think part of the solution involved goat’s milk), and ever since then I have loved cow’s milk as much as a baby calf. I drink milk every day — although most of the time I now drink 1% as my bid to watching my weight.

Bonus Question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I am grateful for very rapid healing from the oral surgery I had done last week, due to a tooth that broke off beneath a crown. I am already eating soft things on the surgical area, and that’s amazing — a definite answer to prayer.

This week coming up, I am looking forward to just enjoying the final week of October. It is my favorite of all months in the year — but I have to add that November and December run a very, very, very close second — because of the holidays.  And that reminds me: I need to start posting some new things on my Christmas blog too. If you love Christmas all year (as I do), hop over and visit me at Merry Christmas World.

Thanks to Cee for giving us the opportunities to get to know each other better.





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