Dreaming Of A White Christmas? Let Bing Help You

Can’t resist this little tidbit of Christmas cheer from my Christmas blog. Thanksgiving, will all its delights, is just around the corner in the U. S., and then it’s full speed ahead into the joy of Christmas. Hope you enjoy this little appetizer with video from 1950.

Merry Christmas, World!

“White Christmas,” by Irving Berlin has been one of America’s favorite Christmas songs since the day in 1950 when Bing Crosby introduced it in a movie entitled “Holiday Inn.”  The song became such an instant success that a short time afterward, Hollywood made an entire movie with the title “White Christmas,” and the song became the finale of the show.

Personally, this song holds special value for me, because it was one of my mother’s favorite Christmas songs, and she sang it frequently. In fact, not very long after it became a sensation, she sat with me on our living room couch and sang it over and over for me, to teach me the words and the tune. I’ve loved it ever since that year when I was six.  I adored my mother, and everything that was important to her was important to me. This song will always be a…

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