Daily Post Prompt — Breaking The Law

Today’s prompt by WordPress Daily Post is a subject that I normally would not relate to. However, since I actually did break the law just about an hour ago, I suppose I can now relate quite well.

Let me hasten to add that I did not commit a felony or anything of that caliber, but to me, it’s quite serious. I didn’t stop completely at a stop sign. Now I didn’t exactly run through the sign. I just sort of slowed to an almost stop and then kept going — at least according to the police officer who stopped me. Oh what a horrible feeling it is to see those flashing red and blue lights in my rear view mirror. I pulled over slowly, hoping he just wanted to go around me, but nope — he wanted me.

The officer was very cordial and was totally prepared to understand that when people drive that same route every day and there are about 5 stop signs to make within 6 blocks, it’s easy to get a little nonchalant. However, the one sign that I “eased” through was the only one right by a school. Now, I try to stop at  all stop signs, of course, but I especially try to be careful and watchful close to schools. Unfortunately, I had a lot on my mind today, and I slipped.

Since I had my driver’s license and my auto insurance up to date, the officer didn’t consider that my crime necessitated a ticket, and I’m grateful. And bless his heart, he had to put up with my somewhat disorganized manner of keeping files. When he asked for my insurance, I opened the big envelope that comes each year with all my insurance renewal information. It includes a little card, but I always leave that attached to all the other 4 or 5 sheets of paper. I was a little nervous this morning (due to being nabbed by the law),  and I couldn’t seem to get them separated in a reasonable time to locate the card. So I just handed him the handful of papers and said, “Here, let me just give you these, and you can look for what you need while I get out my drivers license for you.”

He was quite sweet about it. And, honestly, seeing how poorly organized I am, he probably figured if he gave me a ticket, I’d probably lose it before I got it paid.

But the happy ending is that I am now going to make EXTRA sure that I stop completely at all stop signs from this moment on. As I mentioned earlier, to me the failure to stop completely was a serious thing: it was gross negligence and carelessness on my part, and in other circumstances could have caused real problems. I’m taking the situation as seriously as if I had committed a much more heinous crime. So I guess, in answer to the “Daily Posts” question,  we can say that this particular episode of breaking the law turned out for the best.



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