‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty’ — Where Did It Go?

GUN FIRINGJust in case a few readers are still trying to read “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” in individual segments, I’ll let you know that those segments have been deleted from the blog, and the story is now all on one page, which can be found in the navigation bar above. That story will be available for free reading for about a month, and then it will be deleted completely because it is going into an anthology of my stories that will be released this summer. So if you haven’t read it yet, and would like to read it for free, there’s still a little time.  Enjoy.



1 thought on “‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty’ — Where Did It Go?”

  1. I haven’t caught up since you posted two sections together last week – it was in my reader just before I had to leave for work and I haven’t been able to sit long enough yet so I was hoping to catch up this weekend!

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