Trouble With the New Editor

Normally, I use the old editor window to create and publish my posts. I DO NOT like the new one. However, I’ve noticed this past month that even when I publish from the old editor, if I try to “edit” the post later, WP gives me no choice but to use the new editor window.

That being the case, I assume they are switching over to the new one completely very soon, so I’ve been trying to publish from it as well. But I often cannot get it to publish my posts when I tell it to. I keep telling it to publish “Immediately,” but it keeps trying to schedule a post for a later time. I have the problem most on my “Hangin’ Out With God” blog, but I have it here part of the time as well.

Is anyone else having the same trouble?

I’m supposed to start a new blogging class soon, teaching several students how to create and maintain a blog, and I normally have my students use WordPress — mainly because the people who blog here are so friendly and interactive.  But if the editor window is not going to work correctly, I’m not going to be able to have my students use WP. They’ll be defeated before they start.

I can’t seem to find any place that lets me actually talk to a real technician who might KNOW what he’s talking about. All I can find are windows to type in a question to ask about the problem on a forum. One other blogger on a forum shared her ideas of possible solutions, but they didn’t work, and she’s as fed up with all this so-called “improved” stuff they’ve loaded us down with as I am.

If anyone has found a solution to the problem — or you know how I can actually communicate with a WP technician — let me know.

What I really wish — along with thousands of other bloggers apparently — is that they would just go back to what they had before this year and let us get back to simple blogging. Since all the changes, it takes at least 2 or 3 clicks in different places to get to things that were one click away before. And then things don’t work correctly.

If you have any practical advice, I’d appreciate your sharing it.

Thanks a lot.


12 thoughts on “Trouble With the New Editor

  1. I detest the new editor. I get tangled up more times than not with that new thing they call an editor. You are not alone. (please erase the first remark)

  2. Also have had difficulties with the new editor and like the classic one. Recently, it has been harder to use the classic one. It works more frequently on Firefox browser than on Safari. I add a new post after opening up a post that used the classic post. A little convulted but it works.

      1. That’s what I used to do all the time too, but now, if you have a post up and click on “Edit” in order to change something, the system takes you immediately to the NEW editor and won’t give you any options for going back to the classic. That means they’re getting ready to switch over to it completely. That’s what has me worried — and that’s what is likely to cause me to have all my new blogging students create blogs on Blogger instead. If the new editor is going to be mandatory and it won’t work right, then new students will just want to give up. It’s a royal mess!

  3. I have never used the new editor, my blog does not seem to be pushing me to do so… I did try it once a long time ago and gave up.. I do think that it responds differently to each blog theme,,, like all programs, not always fully compatible. sorry no help here….

  4. Got stuck in it a few minutes ago and the photos weren’t working. Tried to insert a featured photo and all I got was rows of empty placeholder for photos, but not photos. Yuk!!

  5. I don’t like the new editor at all. Why does something that isn’t broken have to be fixed? The same goes for the new Stats page – I prefer the old one. I’m dropping a line to WordPress but I don’t expect much joy. Thanks for bringing the subject up.

    1. If you get any response from WordPress, let me know. I can’t even get in touch with a technician any longer. When I first started on WP, the “Happiness Engineers” seemed eager to help and communicated by e-mail with advice and solutions. Now, I can’t even find one — nothing but forums where you get opinions by a bunch of other bloggers who don’t know what they’re doing either. And MAYBE, once in a while, a tech will answer a question on the forum. Those engineers may still be happy, but I’m definitely not.

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